‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans Bored With Jade Cline, Would Rather Have Jenelle Evans Back

Jade Cline / John LamparskiInstagram / Getty Images

There’s been a fair amount of change on Teen Mom 2. The popular MTV franchise no longer features Jenelle Evans and her family, although the mother of three has, of course, been replaced by Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant alum Jade Cline. Her story with boyfriend Sean Austin was aired back in the day, but Jade is now back on screens.

Teen Mom has an Instagram account, where videos showing various previews and rare moments are shared with fans. The franchise posted a mashup video prior to this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 airing. The footage wasn’t exclusive to Jade as fans also saw Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and others. The Instagram video opened with footage of Chelsea Houska.

Fans have been leaving their thoughts. Interestingly, it seemed that Jade wasn’t proving overly popular. The star wasn’t exclusively slammed, but it did appear that users didn’t seem too keen on watching footage of her. A popular comment appeared to see a fan wishing that Jenelle was back, with their comment even including another of the MTV franchise’s former faces.

“Honestly I’d rather still be watching Jenelle even Farrah can be brought back to OG,” one user wrote.

A user appeared to agree with this, with other sentiments echoing the thoughts regarding Jade and Jenelle. One fan seemed to find Jade dull, per their comment.

“I think Jade was a bad idea. I can’t stand watching her and her boyfriend fight. Plus they are boring. Should’ve chosen a different Young and Pregnant mom.”

“Uhh don’t really care about Jade. Stop bringing random girls back” was the most liked comment.

“Lol y’all replaced Jenelle with Jade? Lmao Where do you get this trash from?” was another comment driven up.

Fans replying to this one also seemed to feel that they’d rather see Jenelle back.

“It’s true but at least Jenelle was interesting, Jade is boring AF,” one user replied.

Of course, the consensus wasn’t a uniform one, with Jade finding that she did have a fan base. That said, it just didn’t seem that this new face was hitting it off with viewers.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this year, Jade admitted feeling nervous about joining the show, although her words did suggest that she was excited.

Jenelle exited Teen Mom 2 earlier this year following a high-profile incident that saw husband David Eason allegedly shoot and kill the family dog Nugget. Jenelle is still making headlines despite having left, with her new cosmetics line just launched at New York Fashion Week.