Serena Williams Sets Instagram On Fire With Amazing Bathing Suit Snap Featuring ‘Shady One’ & The ‘Wild Child’

Jim SpellmanGetty Images

Tennis superstar Serena Williams shared a new Instagram post on Tuesday morning and this one is sending Instagram into a frenzy. While Williams has posted her fair share of sultry shots in the past, this one shows her in a bathing suit that showcases a different side of her.

The fabulous snapshot shows Williams in a bright fuschia bathing suit that says “The Shady One” in white lettering on the front. Williams is standing on a walkway with the ocean behind her and she has her hair swept up into a casual bun. She is smiling as she stands with one hand on a cocked hip, the other hand resting on the shoulder of her adorable daughter, Olympia.

Olympia is wearing a swimsuit the same color as her mom’s, but hers says “Wild Child” on it. The 2-year-old has a more serious look on her face than her mom does, but fans love it all the same.

Williams has a massive Instagram following of 11.7 million fans and they went wild over this adorable mommy-daughter bathing suit post. In less than an hour, the photo had already been liked nearly 160,000 times.

The new Instagram post also had well over 1,000 comments with everybody swooning over how cute Williams and Olympia looked in their matching bathing suits.

“Enjoy her while she is small and cute! They grow up way to [sic] fast!!!” shared one of Williams’ fans.

“You looking good, mama! The little girl is beautiful too,” commented another of Williams’ followers.

The comments section was filled with supportive emoji and numerous notes about how cute the duo looked, with some adding that Williams represented “goals.”

Williams has been quite busy in recent months, not only continuing to compete in the tennis world but building her empire in the fashion and business worlds as well. However, she always has time for Olympia and fans always go crazy when they see the tot make an appearance on her mom’s social media page.

As The Inquisitr recently noted, Williams made quite the impact when she attended a recent event for Sports Illustrated. The 37-year-old phenom was honored as one of the “Fashionable 50” at the event, taking the fourth spot on the list. Williams has made a name for herself not only in the world of tennis but as quite the fashionista as well and those who love her know she’s just getting started.

Serena looks fabulous in whatever she wears in photos she posts on Instagram, whether it’s something sultry or a look that is simple-yet-flattering like this fuschia bathing suit. However, adding daughter Olympia in a matching look elevated this post to an entirely new level and it’s easy to see why her fans went wild over it.