Nicaraguan Beauty Dolly Castro Shows Off Her Washboard Abs In Revealing Blue Dress

Dolly CastroInstagram

Dolly Castro works hard to look this good.

The Nicaraguan fitness model and Instagram sensation recently posted a picture showing off her rock-hard abs in a very revealing blue dress. The Instagram snap was a viral hit with her 6.6 million followers, drawing plenty of very impressed comments from Dolly’s fans.

“Yessss boo you look amazing,” one fan wrote.

“Lookin amazing girl,” another commented.

Those who follow Dolly know all the work that goes into maintaining such a tight physique. Dolly uses her social media presence to give fans a glimpse at her strict fitness routines, which appears to include hours and hours at the gym. Dolly frequently shares video of herself pumping iron, going through rigorous cardio, and taking long hikes around her home in Laguna Beach, California.

Dolly Castro has a knack for getting some viral attention. Just before she showed off her washboard abs in the revealing blue dress, the fitness model was seen showing off her stuff in skimpy workout clothes. As The Inquisitr noted, in a recent share, Dolly wore a sports bra and fitness shorts as she pitched vitamin supplements in what appeared to be her kitchen.

That picture attracted more than 50,000 likes as well as plenty of comments showing some love for her amazing physique.

Dolly’s 6.6 million Instagram followers give her a unique pull with her sponsorships. While most Instagram models show off some leading fashion and swimwear brands — and Dolly does this, too — the Nicaraguan model is also able to latch onto some fitness wear and supplement makers. It’s also likely making her some very, very good money.

While Dolly hasn’t disclosed her net worth — or the revenue she pulls in through her Instagram advertising — industry experts suggest that she’s making a small fortune for each picture she posts. Instagram influencers generally make $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have, meaning Dolly could be making close to $70,000 for every promotional share she offers up.

The fitness website Generation Iron broke down the net worth of some of the top fitness models on Instagram, and while the list didn’t include Dolly Castro, models with similarly sized audiences appear to be pulling in millions of dollars. Chantel Zales, a model with 4.1 million followers at the time the story was published, had an estimated net worth of $4.4 million. Alexa Jean Brown, who at that time had 1.7 million followers, had an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. Dolly Castro currently boasts 6.2 million Instagram followers.

Those who want to see more from Dolly Castro can check out her Instagram page.