Jinger Duggar’s Daughter Felicity Is Officially Walking & Now She Is All Over The Place


It has finally happened. Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s daughter, Felicity Nicole, has decided that she is tired of crawling and is now officially walking. The reality stars had previously noted that their sweet little girl was reluctant to start taking more than a couple of steps on her own without holding onto something, but that has all changed.

Jinger shared her excitement on her Instagram stories on Monday. The video had Felicity starting out by holding onto the leather sofa, but then she let go and took off with several steps. She started walking towards her mom, who was busy filming her baby girl’s milestone. Felicity then turned the other way and kept walking. She was a bit wobbly at first. She fell down on her bottom at one point, but then crawled over to the sofa to start out all over again.

You could hear Jinger in the background excitedly encouraging her daughter to keep it up. You could tell how much fun she was having watching this whole thing unfold. Felicity seemed thrilled to be on her own two feet, as she smiled and laughed the whole time.

Just a few days ago, Jinger penned a note about her daughter on the same social media platform. She explained how she was having a blast watching Felicity learn new things, as previously detailed by The Inquisitr. At that point, the 1-year-old was only taking a couple of steps, staying quite cautious about actually walking.

A week later, Felicity embraced her big milestone. She is now walking all over the place. She even showed off her new skills at the Master’s Seminary, where her daddy is taking classes. Jeremy recently shared a video on his Instagram account, one showing his daughter walking around in the hallway as she waved and clapped her hands.

As seen in previous video clips, Felicity is very outgoing and is always smiling. Jinger said that the little one waves to pretty much anyone she sees.

The Vuolos’ move to Los Angeles seems to agree with them. Jinger and Jeremy have embraced their new life, even touring around to get a feel for the city, especially in the food area. They have sampled plenty of California cuisine in the two months since they made the big move.

Counting On is returning for another new season this October. The TLC camera crew traveled to L.A. to film Jinger and her family as they settled in to their new home. Fans are excited to see them and the rest of the Duggar couples as they grow their families.