‘Evil Dead 2’ Sequel To The Remake In The Works

Evil Dead 2, the sequel to the reboot of the Evil Dead franchise is already in the works. That was the announcement that was made by the reboot’s director and co-writer Fede Alvarez. Alvarez was giving a presentation after the world premiere of the newest Evil Dead movie at the SXSW festival.

The series reboot stars Jane Levy (Suburgatory), Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas (Cult), Lou Taylor Pucci, and Elizabeth Blackmore as the new group of friends who head up to a cabin in the woods on a weekend vacation. The group accidently unleashes a terrible evil that soon begins to pick them off one by one.

This new version of Evil Dead got the official thumbs up from several of the original creators of the series, with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi helping to produce the new film. Now it has been confirmed that a new Evil Dead 2 will be following close on this film’s heels.

While some fans had been hoping that Campbell – who played Ash in the original trilogy – would make an appearance in this new series, Campbell dashed those hopes at the same event.

“I wasn’t in this for a really good reason, and I probably won’t be in the others for a really good reason… We wanted these to be completely separate.” Campbell said. He added that he hoped some day people would be able to sit down and watch the first three and then sit down and watch the second three and enjoy them all.

Campbell also talked about the differences between the reboot which has carried quite big budget and the original which was done on the cheap. The actor talked about how everyone was so broke that they once made a trip to a 7-11 for gum and “nobody had any money to buy gum.”

What Campbell left out is that fans of this suddenly growing series might be able to actually take in seven different movies. Sam Raimi recently let it slip that he was about to begin writing an Evil Dead 4 that would pick up where Army of Darkness left off.

It appears that Evil Dead 2, the sequel to the remake and Evil Dead 4 might engage in a bit of a race to the box office before its all said and done.