‘Wild ‘N Out’ Girl Erika Gray Is The World’s Hottest Cheerleader In Racy Instagram Snap

Erika GrayInstagram

Erika Gray is putting in her bid for hottest cheerleader on the planet.

The Brazilian model shared a picture from her outfit as one of the Wild ‘N Out girls, who are featured on Nick Cannon’s VH1 show. Erika rocked her revealing cheerleader outfit in the Instagram snap, which got some viral attention from her fans as she got them excited for the show’s debut.

“I will watch just for you,” wrote one of her fans.

“Looking bomb babe,” another wrote.

Erika has gotten plenty of attention for her role on the hip-hop variety show, including a feature in Bossip that included her last year as part of the “BEST looking WNO girls we’ve ever seen.”

Erika has been building her stature as a model on Instagram as well, where she has 2.3 million followers. As The Inquisitr noted, she frequently gets viral attention for her revealing snaps shared on the social media site, where she frequently strips down to next to nothing as she pitches a variety of products and fashion brands. Just like her racy cheerleader picture helped drum up interest for the premiere of Wild ‘N Out this week, Erika has used her body as a promotional tool to sell Bang Energy drink and Fashion Nova evening wear.

While Gray is racking up the followers, she’s also rolling in the dough that comes with being one of the most popular models on Instagram. Erika hasn’t revealed exactly how much she’s making through her promotional work, but industry experts say that Instagram influencers generally earn $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have — and that’s just for a single post. Erika is climbing those ranks as well, rapidly adding Instagram followers as she gains attention through her work on Wild ‘N Out and regular features on celebrity news and gossip sites.

That means that Erika is pulling in somewhere around $20,000 for every promotional post she makes, not even taking into account her gig on Wild ‘N Out. There are plenty of fringe benefits as well, including the jet-setting travel she shows off on her Instagram page. Erika has spent time in Miami, Italy, Spain, and spent some time at an adults-only boutique in Mexico that she promoted through her revealing Instagram pictures.

Those who want to see more from Erika Gray can check out her Instagram feed. They can also tune in to Wild ‘N Out, which airs Sundays at 7 p.m. EDT on VH1.