Melissa Riso Exposes Jaw-Dropping Booty In Thong Swimsuit, Instagram Goes Crazy

Melissa Riso Instagram

Melissa Riso is no stranger to showing skin on Instagram, and the photo that she posted on Monday is no exception. In the shot, the brunette bombshell is rocking a nude one-piece swimsuit, which would be a pretty modest choice for her. But it’s also a thong swimsuit — a fact that the photo showcases — as her enviably toned booty is on display.

It’s pretty clear that her fans loved the photo as they told her as much in the comments section.

“One of the most beautiful women on Earth,” one fan wrote before adding a string of fire and heart emoji to their comment.

“You really beautiful and lovely,” another infatuated admirer wrote.

“This woman is so wonderful,” a third fan gushed.

“You are a perfect angel,” a fourth follower chimed in before adding four fire emoji to add some extra emphasis to their point.

This is the second time that the model has shown off her posterior on Instagram in as many days. As The Inquisitr reported, she ditched clothing her lower body altogether in a photo that she posted yesterday.

“Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated…” she wrote in the caption.

Cryptic captions aside, it was pretty clear that her fans loved the photo. Melissa got the same type of effusive praise that she received on her most recent Instagram post.

One thing that fans were probably missing in these booty-centric posts is the flowery tattoo that surrounds her belly button. The tattoo isn’t just there for decoration. It actually hides a scar that she received because of a near-fatal car accident.

During an interview with The Blemish, the model revealed that years ago the car that she was in got into a collision with another vehicle that was going at 95 miles per hour. Her injuries were so serious that she had to be operated on to save her life.

“The doctors had to cut me open to save my life because I was dying,” she said

She went on to add that her doctors said that she could have either died or been paralyzed because of the accident.

Melissa could technically Photoshop the tattoo out of her bikini photos. However, the fact that she doesn’t indicates that she is proud of it, likely because of the amazing story of survival that it symbolizes. Sometimes, scars can add beauty to the body and Melissa Riso is living proof of that.