Anna Katharina Brings The Heat To Instagram In Skimpy Pink Bikini

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Anna Katharina added a dose of California sunshine to her Instagram page on Monday when she posted a video of herself glamorously posing on a beach in a strappy, skimpy pink bikini. In the video, the blonde bombshell seductively preens as she showcases her enviable physical assets. She even adds some hair flips into the clip, and her luscious locks only heighten the appeal of the video.

According to the caption, the post is a bit of sponsored content for Bang Energy Drink. The flavor that Anna is promoting is called “Frose Rose” and the colors of the can complement the colors of her swimsuit.

The bikini is by a company called Meg Liz Swimwear. It looks like Anna is wearing a version of their “Calypso” design. The top and bottom are sold separated and the cost $85 and $78 on their website.

As The Inquistr reported, fellow Instagram model Melissa Risa also wore a bikini from this brand for a recent video. In that post, she wore a design is called the “Serena.” The bikini top and bottom are also sold separately on the brand’s website. That post was sponsored by Bang Energy as well as she was promoting their new line of hemp-infused beverages called Stoked.

As for Anna Katharina’s post, she got a lot of appreciative comments for it with fans gushing about her physical attractiveness.

One fan fit several adjectives in their comment for Anna.

“Very Beautiful Sexy Woman!!!” they wrote before adding a long string of fire, heart, kissing face and red rose emojis.

Another fan was a little bit more verbose with his praise.

“I am telling you that you are definitely one of the most gorgeous and sexy women on this platform. You are so amazing,” they wrote and included thre red heart emojis for good measure.

A third fan seemed almost too enthusiastic with their infatuation.

“It’s a lot of temptation! Those lips!” they wrote. “Happy Monday!”

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Blending in nicely with the Adobe pots

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While Anna didn’t give any indication that she reads her comments, she likely expects this sort of feedback since she regularly posts jaw-dropping photos on Instagram. Since most models on the platform depend on an engaged fanbase for their livelihoods, she probably welcomes these messages of enthusiastic admiration.

But Anna proves that she’s more than just a pretty face and body with her second Instagram page, Girl Chat with AK. With this project, she pares down the glam and discusses serious issues like self-esteem, body dysmorphia and more.

“I think if you’re willing to share the majority of your life on Instagram,” she writes in the caption of one post, “we owe it to the female population to be honest about the things that aren’t so pretty.”

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Seeking validation is addicting. We all enjoy approval to a certain degree, but many of us form our self esteem and opinions of ourselves based on the words of our peers. It’s a dangerous balance because you ultimately give people around you the permission to determine your worth and value. If you’re so willing to believe every positive, then you’re opening yourself up to believe the negative as well...which can be biased or fueled by their own failures and jealousy. We all just want to know that we are doing a good job, but sometimes that want can sabotage your happiness. Social media validation: Many see their accounts and content as an extension of their identity... when the comments and likes slow down, many question their attractiveness, excitement of their life, popularity etc. Needing validation from a significant other: Many believe that our partner knows us better than most, so if they don’t feel the need to express all the things that make us special, then perhaps we just aren’t that great. FALSE. Your partner chose to be with you, when they could’ve been single or open to another relationship. Remember that their behavior says more than words ever could. Emotional withholding is a valid issue, and a whole other discussion.. there’s a difference between needing excessive validation and not receiving any at all. Some people struggle with verbalizing the way they feel, and you don’t want to miss out on an incredible friendship or relationship just because they aren’t able to communicate their feelings for you. *Do not rely on others to provide the list of things that make you unique and wonderful. You are not being narcissistic for recognizing your positive traits!*

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