Here’s How To Vote For Your ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 28 Favorites

Justin StephensABC

A dozen celebrities are ready to compete as it’s finally time for the Season 28 premiere of Dancing with the Stars. It’s shaping up to be a fierce battle this fall and DWTS viewers will want to utilize every possible opportunity to cast their votes.

Traditional voting for Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars will begin next week with the September 23 show. This DWTS voting format will continue each week through the November 25 episode.

ABC details that fans can begin to vote as soon as each week’s show begins. Dancing with the Stars voting can be done both online and via text message. Voting closes during the final commercial break of each broadcast in the Eastern and Central time zones, and the eliminations will come immediately after that.

Unfortunately, this means that those DWTS viewers in Mountain, Pacific, Hawaiian, and Alaskan time zones are unable to participate in this voting until the show is broadcast in their area. Those fans outside of the Eastern and Central time zones can still vote, but they need to do it as the show is airing in those particular time zones.

Fans can vote up to 10 times per couple, per method each week. The DWTS page notes that viewers can vote for more than one couple, but there is a maximum of 20 votes combined via ABC’s site and text messaging that can be cast by one user for each couple each week.

The texting keywords are already set up, so Dancing with the Stars fans will want to make note of these. All of the texts should go to the number 21523, and it’s the celebrity’s first name that fans should text.

That means that viewers will want to make sure they are spelling their favorite dancer’s first name correctly! These will surely be added to the screen after each performance so that viewers can double-check as each pair dances, but it is worth making note of these now as they will stay the same all season long.

As The Inquisitr detailed earlier, Christie Brinkley has had to drop out at the last minute. She broke her arm during Dancing with the Stars rehearsals and needs surgery. Instead, her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook will be stepping in to take her place.

ABC has already made the change for the texting, so fans will need to text “SAILOR” to 21523 to vote for her, rather than her mom’s original keyword of “CHRISTIE.”

The other Season 28 contestant keywords are “ALLY” for Ally Brooke, “HANNAH” for The Bachelorette Hannah Brown, and “JAMES” for James Van Der Beek. “KARAMO” is what DWTS fans need to text to 21523 for Queer Eye star Karamo Brown, and “KATE” is for The Office star Kate Flannery.

“KEL” is the way to go to support Kel Mitchell, and “LAMAR” casts votes for Lamar Odom. “LAUREN” is the way to show your love for American Idol star Lauren Alaina, and “MARY” is the keyword for The Supremes singer Mary Wilson. That leaves “RAY” for former NFL player Ray Lewis and “SEAN” for former White House staffer Sean Spicer.

To vote via the ABC site, Dancing with the Stars fans will need to register for a free account. It seems that even those who previously set up an account will want to log in early and make time to ensure that they have it verified, as the network notes that the system has been changed.

The Dancing with the Stars partnerships will be officially revealed during Monday’s premiere, and nobody will be sent home based solely on this first dance. The Inquisitr has shared the latest on how the DWTS partnerships seem to have shaped up, and viewers will be anxious to see if there are any surprises.

Which Season 28 celebrities will manage to shine and who will end up going home early? Dancing with the Stars fans are anxious to get going with this new cast, and it’s shaping up to be a wild run this fall.