Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Deal Allegedly On The Table

lindsay lohan house arrest

A Lindsay Lohan house arrest deal is rumored to be on the table. The star can supposedly choose between electronic monitoring and jail time. The actress has supposedly does not like the offer and wants to continue on with her court case. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lohan also supposedly turned down a deal which included a stint in rehab.

The former Disney star is battling criminal charges stemming from a Santa Monica car accident last summer. Lindsay Lohan is accused of lying to law enforcement officers and a probation violation. TMZ sources claim that the Los Angeles district attorney have relaxed their position about the 90-day sting in rehab. The prosecutors are allegedly now willing to change the offer to include a house arrest for the same duration.

Lohan’s NYC attorney Mark Heller allegedly told prosecutors that his client is willing to accept some house arrest time. The attorneys on both sides of Lindsay’s case are reportedly fussing over just how long the star would have to wear an ankle bracelet and stay inside. If the source claims are accurate, Heller and Lohan are not on the same page about accepting any type of house arrest sentence.

The Canyons star is also still struggling with a massive IRS debt. The Cash For Purses online business recently offered to buy some of Lohan’s designers bags. The movie star has not issued any public statement about the offer to grab some quick cash from her gently used handbags.

Trent Silver, the Cash for Purses CEO, even offered to discuss some type of endorsement or spokeperson deal to Lindsay Lohan. Silver is not the only person offering to extend a hand to the beleaguered actress. Charlie Sheen, who already gave Lindsay about $100,000 to help pay off her IRS debt, offered to serve as a mentor.

Sheen could be a very good role model for Lohan. The Anger Management star should know a thing or two about restarting a career and learning to deal with substance abuse issues. Lohan is allegedly living back in her childhood home with mom Dina. The Long Island residence is supposedly facing foreclosure.

If a plea deal is not reached soon, Lindsay Lohan will head to trial on March 18. Do you think Lohan should spend time in jail?