Lyna Perez Busts Out Of Bikini That Is So Tiny, It Should Be Illegal

Lyna Perez poses for a selfie.
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Instagram sensation Lyna Perez is frequently seen in a bikini, and one look at her Instagram page seems to suggest that she owns hundreds of bathing suits. On Monday, the beauty updated her Instagram account with a post that showed her busting out of a bikini that was so small, it should be illegal.

In the photo, Lyna stood outside, near a row of bamboo plants. She wore a minuscule orange string bikini that appeared to be two sizes too small. The bikini top, adorned with jewels, hardly covered her voluptuous chest. Lyna crossed her arms in front of her body, a pose that drew the eye to her breasts. The bottoms were equally small, held in place with tiny rings around her shapely hips. The stunner’s taut abs were on display, as were her toned thighs. Part of a small tattoo peeked out from behind the strings on the lower part of her abdomen. Her smooth, bronze skin glowed in the sun.

Lyna’s makeup looked flawless, with a dark brow drawn on and a nude color being visible on her lips. She wore her long hair down in loose waves over her shoulders. The model looked off to the side as she smiled for the camera.

In the post, she asked her followers to spell out her handle letter by letter — and, boy, did they. The comments racked up quickly. Some followers didn’t play along and instead commented on how gorgeous Lyna looked in the photo.

“Very beautiful,” wrote one admirer.

Another follower told Lyna that the photo was outstanding, while another said it was breathtaking.

“I love you,” one fan quipped.

One admirer told the beauty that she had a “super body,” and another told her that he loved what he was seeing.

The bikini model’s fans generally do enjoy the many photos she shares. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she is comfortable enough in her own skin to show most of it off. Some of her posts are not quite safe for work, and most of them barely skirt by what Instagram will allow.

The brunette likes to have a little fun with her fans, and she loves to share sexy, flirty posts that get them talking. She often asks her followers to rate her outfits, and overwhelmingly, her admirers always give her a thumbs-up on whatever she happens to be wearing.

Fans wanting to see more of Lyna can follow her Instagram account.