Lauren Alaina Is Ready To ‘Shake Her Booty’ On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

In August, Lauren Alaina hosted Vera Bradley x Blessings in a Backpack Event
Don Juan Moore / Getty Images

Lauren Alaina has been gaining plenty of support from her 733,000 Instagram fans as she looks forward to the premiere of Dancing with the Stars on September 16. Even though the American Idol runner-up for Season 10 admitted to Win Country that she “can’t dance,” Lauren said she can “twerk,” “drop it,” and “shake [her] booty.”

That’s a start as the determined reality star steps into the ballroom to show her stuff. Meanwhile, her social media followers seem to be behind this live wire 100 percent.

“I never watch this BUTTTT I will this season just the see you!!” said one Instagram fan, who gave Alaina a double pink heart emoji, probably for good luck.

“Don’t forget to use the dance moves I taught you in J’s parking lot. Spaghetti arms! Good luck my girl. Go get um!” suggested another follower who apparently has been helping Alaina up her game.

“I want to say break a leg but you actually might so please just don’t,” joked a third social media follower.

“This is going to be a BALL! I can’t wait to watch you dance every Monday! LETS GOOO,” enthused a fourth fan who apparently is eager for the ABC show to start on Monday night.

“Promise that if you make it to the finale you will dance in one of your onesies!!” begged a fifth follower, who is apparently hoping that Lauren has the mettle to go all the way on DWTS.

Lauren admitted that she got the DWTS bug when she sang on the show. She told ABC Radio via Win Country that the mere act of watching the contestants dance to her tune “changed [her] life.” At that point, the reality star admitted that she was keen to be on the popular television program.

Tonight, the Nashville-based 24-year-old will realize that dream and, because of the rules for Season 28 of DWTS, Lauren Alaina will not be sent home. That’s a promise, according to The Inquisitr.

The source reported that DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba said that there will be no eliminations during the first week of the popular ABC talent show. Carrie Ann also noted that there will be no viewer voting during the first week, either. Only the judges will have their say about how each couple did when dancing for the very first time on DWTS.

Watch Lauren Alaina perform when Dancing with the Stars premieres on Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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