September 16, 2019
Miley Cyrus Is A Sweat-Drenched Animal In Sheer Crop Top Driving Instagram Into Meltdown

Miley Cyrus might come with a power voice, but this star is a muscle machine. The SHE IS COMING singer has been making major headlines for dropping her latest track, "Don't Call Me Angel," with Ariana Grande and Lana Del Ray. As The Inquisitr recently reported, the music video for the song shows the three singers get up close and personal. Miley's promotional Instagram posts for the track have mostly shown clips and stills from the video, but the 26-year-old had yet to feature in an image that showed her backstage.

Monday appears to have delivered just that. Miley's Instagram update showed her in the sheer crop top, chains, and boxing shorts worn for the video in two photos. While the first didn't confirm a behind-the-scenes status, the second definitely did. Here, the star was seen in an ordinary-looking room with blinds half-drawn across small windows. The pose struck by the singer was about as fierce and animal-like as it gets. Miley's teeth were clenched alongside her fists, with the star seen glistening in sweat.

In the caption, Miley reflected on her sentiments over discovering that the track has proven a major hit since its release on Friday. She also tagged Ariana and Lana.

Unsurprisingly, the post has caused a total meltdown. This seemed reflected in part by the number of likes clocked in very little time – over 447,000 people liked the image in just 45 minutes. Fan comments showed the platform absolutely losing it. Many quoted lyrics from the track, although responses ranged from showering Miley with love over her look to fans gushing over the trio's collaboration.With so much music released from Miley this year, it's fair to say that the singer's music videos have shown her in very different ways. Earlier this summer, Miley wore a red latex catsuit for a statement finish in "Mother's Daughter," with the video also seeing the singer rock a gold bra on horseback. Things then took a different turn as Miley released "Slide Away" following her divorce from Liam Hemsworth. Here, the singer appeared in slinky metallics via a sparkly dress, although the video did up the ante as Miley sat in a pool.Rock teeny-tiny outfits she might, but Miley knows how to class it up. The star's July Elle profile came with a variety of ultra-stylish and high-end looks – then again, with Miley and mom Tish rocking matching Chanel suits in "Mother's Daughter," fans are likely more than familiar with the singer's love of luxe fashion.

Monday was less about the French designers and more about the raw animal sexuality. Fans wishing to see more of Miley should follow her Instagram.