September 17, 2019
Boris Johnson Labeled 'Infantile' & 'Trumpian' After Comparing Brexit To Hulk Breaking From Chains

The U.K.'s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has been labelled "Trumpian" and "infantile" by a senior European Union official after he compared the United Kingdom's break from the EU as being akin to Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk breaking free from his chains. The Business Insider reported that in the time leading up to his meeting with the European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, the U.K. prime minister said that it was time for the United Kingdom to break free of the European-imposed "manacles," capping off his remarks by adding that "the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets."

In response, Guy Verhofstadt -- a Belgian member of the European Parliament -- questioned whether the EU is supposed to be unnerved, or the British public impressed.

MSN also picked up on the story, and reported that Johnson's comic book references have seen him being accused of not taking the Brexit negotiations seriously. Johnson has stated his intention to complete the removal of the U.K. from the EU by the end of October this year -- regardless of whether a deal is cut with the EU or not -- in spite of a law being passed by his fellow members of Parliament, laws which seemingly require the prime minister to make a third delay to the separation. The law clearly stated that the delay must happen if no deal is reached by the middle of next month.

Another EU source cited by The Guardian pointed out that it is real lives being dealt with, and not some kind of hero story.
"It all makes it look like it's a bit of a joke. We are talking about something extremely serious. The consequences of no deal will be extremely serious and it looks like this is being treated as a game in which you are the hero sort of story rather than [dealing] with real lives."
After making his remarks, Johnson found himself in the midst of many Hulk references on Twitter.
Johnson is due to attend negotiations in Luxembourg today, however, Juncker doesn't have high hopes for a deal to be struck any time soon, per one interview with a radio station in Germany.
"It would be terrible chaos. And we would need years to put things back in order. Anyone who' loves his country, and I assume that there are still patriots in Britain, would not want to wish his country such a fate.
It's been a rough month for the U.K. prime minister, who was also recently accused of sexist insults, per The Inquisitr.