50 Cent Applauds Ambyr Childers, Says She Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Randall Emmett

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Lala Kent may have just claimed to be dealing with “cyberbullying,” but 50 Cent isn’t backing down.

After the Vanderpump Rules star proclaimed on Watch What Happens Live that she dinged the rapper’s ego, 50 Cent continues to poke fun at Kent’s “ho*” behavior on Instagram.

On September 15, after The Inquisitr reported that Ambyr Childers, who is the ex-wife of Kent’s fiancé Randall Emmett, had offered a comment on a video 50 Cent had shared, he shared a message to Randall in which he told the movie producer that his actress ex-wife was “the best thing that happen to your dumb a**.”

50 Cent then suggested that if he were to tell Emmett that to his face, Emmett would likely argue with him.

“No 50 Lala is great every time she want to s**k it,” the rapper wrote as an imagined response.

As for how he’d reply, 50 Cent said he’d tell Emmett the following.

“That’s because she’s a ho* fool.”

Over the weekend, after 50 Cent shared a video on his Instagram account in which Kent was seen admitting that she let Emmett “hit it the first night,” Childers expressed her amusement in the ongoing feud between 50 Cent and Kent.

“Oh boy…here we go again!” Childers replied, according to a screenshot shared by Comments by Bravo on Instagram. “I need a glass of wine for this one.”

As fans may have seen, Kent appeared on Watch What Happens Live last week, where she told host Andy Cohen that she was proud of herself for having gotten under 50 Cent’s skin and added that she had “receipts” to prove that she had dinged his ego. She also said that she wouldn’t be revealing her supposed receipts because she didn’t want to be “that girl” and wasn’t being paid to do so.

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Immediately after the episode of Watch What Happens Live aired, 50 Cent took to his Instagram account and asked the following.

“What’s wrong with this ho*?”

He then shared a screenshot of an article, via Instagram, in which Kent admitted to being drunk for four days at Disney World with Emmett and the two young daughters he shares with Childers, and suggested she was also using cocaine.

Kent was first called out by 50 Cent earlier this year as he demanded Emmett hand over the $1 million he owed him. Once he did, 50 Cent stopped slamming Kent on Instagram until she brought their feud back up on Watch What Happens Live.

Vanderpump Rules will return to Bravo TV for Season 8 later this year.