Sommer Ray Celebrates Her Birthday Topless In A Mega-Pic Update That Is Setting Instagram On Fire

sommer ray in gray mockneck
Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Sommer Ray is one of the most popular models on Instagram with over 22.5 million followers, so it’s understandable that Instagram goes wild when it’s her birthday. It’s even more understandable when she not only celebrates her birthday but does so by uploading a series of sultry shots of herself while topless.

In the seven-picture update, Sommer wears only a pair of tight pink exercise shorts. The shorts are high-waisted, with a white band to showcase her incredible hourglass figure. They are also skintight, making sure to hug every curve of her incredible derriere.

Completing the ensemble are a pair of socks and white sneakers. Sommer poses against a pink wall and plays with bubbles throughout the seven snaps.

In the first picture, she faces sideways, smoldering at the camera as her long wavy hair conceals her cleavage. For extra protection, the fitness junkie held onto her assets with her hands.

In the second photo, she released her hands and instead plays with her hair in an incredibly sultry shot. It is only her angled pose that protects her modesty, and her perky posterior is on full display.

Third is an incredibly daring shot, as Sommer relies entirely on her hair to serve as her method of cleavage concealment. Her hip is jutted out, showcasing once again her incredible hourglass figure.

Fourth seems to be a similar shot to the first, only more zoomed out. Next comes a sweet picture with the birthday girl laughing.

For the sixth and seventh pictures, Sommer crosses her arms across her bust. In the first, she stares out toward the side; in the second, she glances over her shoulder in the sizzling shot.

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itsssss my birrrrrrffffffday ????

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Fans went crazy over the mega-update and gave the seven-part upload over 1,114,000 likes and close to 14,000 comments.

Unsurprisingly, most of the comments wished the stunner a happy birthday.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL,” gushed “World’s Hottest Weather Girl” Yanet Garcia. She also added a red heart and several heart-eye emoji to her message.

“Omg ur stunnnnning… Happy bday!!!!” echoed Teenwolf actress Arden Co, also adding several heart-eye emoji.

“Happy Birthday Beautiful,” added Instagram model Tina Louise, with a red heart as well.

Others, however, offered their compliments on the sultry shots.

“Queen,” declared a fan with a red heart emoji.

“Hair goals,” added another.

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lookin’ for a damn to give like @ohrangutang

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This is not the first time that the exercise star has posted a risqué topless shot to social media. In fact, she had recently uploaded two shots where she was dressed in only the skimpiest of thongs for “laundry day,” as previously covered by The Inquisitr.