‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Bursts Out Of Sweaty Bikini & Daisy Dukes, Instagram Loses It

Lauren Drain takes a selfie
Lauren Drain / Instagram

Lauren Drain is back on the ‘gram. The fitness model and nurse has already had her “world’s sexiest nurse” moniker chronicled by The Inquisitr, although fans over on the star’s social media may be more interested in her killer body than her medical expertise. Lauren took to Instagram on Sunday for an update, causing fans to once again lose their minds.

Lauren’s photo showed her seated on a brown leather chair with her knees almost together as she showcased a super-sexy and tiny outfit. The blonde had opted for simple colors via a white bikini top paired with tiny Daisy Dukes, but fans will likely be aware that Lauren doesn’t need a fancy getup to wow her followers. The star was photographed showcasing her ample cleavage and rock-hard abs – if anyone comes with killer abs, it’s this muscle machine. While the image didn’t show Lauren training, it did show the model somewhat sweaty. Her skin appeared shiny around her chest as if she may have been perspiring a little.

Lauren posed for her photo with a stunning smile, a little provocation, and some body language that upped the ante as she tugged at her long, blond hair. The caption from Lauren reminded fans that she’s a fitness nut, with fans encouraged to head to her bio to find out more about her fitness activities.

Instagram seems sold. The post racked up over 24,000 likes in the space of 15 hours, with the same time frame bringing over 130 fans into the comments section. While some fans did seem pumped about the fitness details, the majority of responses were geared towards this hottie’s flawless body.

Anybody interested in how this medical professional and model keeps in shape may be pleased to learn that Lauren has given an interview centering around her career, plus her health and fitness. Speaking to Top Physiques, Lauren revealed how she nourishes herself.

“I eat about 4-5 meals a day of lean protein, healthy fats, veggies and my carbs depend on my body goals at any given time (leaning out, gaining muscle or maintenance). I have followed a paleo diet for 6 weeks which helped me shred down 9 lbs but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it long-term. I have followed IIFYM for about three of my WBFF show preps and was able to shred down for each of those without completely limiting any foods.”

Fans wishing to stay updated on Lauren’s looks and fitness should follow her Instagram.