Kelly Clarkson Drops Jaws In Flame Mini Dress & Chunky Heeled Boots Showing Off Slimmer Figure

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Kelly Clarkson’s slimmed-down frame is a major talking point – The Inquisitr documented The Kelly Clarkson Show host wowing her fans earlier this month in a skintight dress. While the 37-year-old’s latest appearance didn’t feature quite as much curve-hugging, it definitely ticked boxes for showing the blonde’s sensational figure.

As Daily Mail reports today, Kelly appeared on The Ellen Show ahead of her own show airing today. The pre-taped interview will be airing on Kelly’s show, although the sneak preview likely got fans talking on several points. Kelly stepped onto Ellen’s stage in a look that was reminding fans what a knockout she is. The star hadn’t worn the Hollywood-adored micro-dress or anything too revealing, but the wardrobe Kelly had chosen was flattering her shape in what appeared to be every way possible.

Kelly wore an earth-toned mini dress that fell above the knee, with a long-sleeved finish keeping things classy. The material’s prints were definitely adding some pizzazz, though. Fiery aspects appeared on the dress from orange and red motifs, with some ultra-stylish footwear completing the look perfectly. Kelly had opted for chunky and high-heeled lace-up boots in black-and-white, with her toned legs definitely making a statement.

Of course, Kelly spending time with Ellen DeGeneres onscreen doesn’t just deliver someone parading around in a dress. The sit-down seemed to bring out a slightly embarrassing moment for Kelly as she appeared to forget Meghan Markle’s name, although the interview also gave fans fresh information on Kelly and her talk show.

Kelly revealed that she’d actually turned down the whole talk show idea, opening up about husband and manager Brandon Blackstock suggesting it.

“I actually said no the first couple of times. Eventually, he convinced me,” she told Ellen.

“There’s a lot of negativity going on right now….. a lot of division happening… and one of my big things, even on tour, is to bring people together. My audience is filled with, like, random people that probably would never be in the same place and I want my show to be like that,” she added before confirming that she was “sold” on the inclusion concept.

Kelly’s career seems to be sky-rocketing right now. The singer has her own talk show with views going through the roof, although Kelly’s upcoming appearances on The Voice with Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, and John Legend will prove a double TV deal for the star.

Fans wishing to see more of Kelly should check out her Instagram.