Serena Williams Drops Jaws Stripping Down To String Snakeskin Swimsuit

Bradley KanarisGetty Images

Serena Williams is back in the news. The tennis superstar comes as one of the sporting world’s biggest muscle machines – with thighs that could knock someone dead a mile off, this 37-year-old isn’t someone to mess with. Serena has made The Daily Mail‘s headlines for stripping down to a tiny swimsuit. The star’s social media activity appeared to be quite the talking point.

As The Daily Mail reports, Serena took to Instagram over the weekend with a simple selfie that reminded fans of her swimsuit-ready body, plus her stylish fashion sense. The image showed the star in semi-profile as she snapped herself in a simple room with white walls and peach-and-white patterned furnishings. The picture had a low-frills feel – while Serena was striking a pose, it wasn’t one that seemed out to garner too much attention. Of course, with this sensation’s body on show, fans were bound to get into a tizzy.

Serena appeared in a sexy and bright blue swimsuit boasting snakeskin prints, with pops of yellow and black jazzing up the multi-tonal and overall blue palette. The one-piece was hugging Serena’s every curve, with a halterneck and string tie up top showcasing the star’s ultra-muscular shoulders to best advantage. Serena posed with a purple Nike baseball cap and what appeared to be zero makeup.

As fans are likely aware, Serena isn’t one of those celebrities who posts two swimwear selfies a week. The star’s Instagram is mostly devoted to her career, family life, and stylish day or eveningwear choices – for some reason, Serena doesn’t seem too interested in flaunting her body in pool attire on a regular basis. An image of the star in a white swimsuit (seen above) is one of the rare swimsuit photos on her Instagram. It dates back to last year.

When it comes to fitness, this sports face is nothing short of a full-blown icon. The star’s career requires careful nutrition and training, but Serena seems to have had a head start by virtue of good genetics – her sister, Venus, is also a muscle machine.

Speaking to Byrdie about training, Serena revealed how working out makes her feel.

“Strength training gives me confidence. There’s this feeling when you crush a workout—it’s empowering and you feel like you can take on the world. Picking a favorite workout is tough because I love switching it up—no two days of workouts a week are the same for me. I love plyometrics and planks,” she said.

As for Serena’s overall style, it’s definitely a headline-maker. The Inquisitr documented a stylish display from the tennis player earlier this year when she attended a Sports Illustrated event.