September 16, 2019
Carrie Underwood Drives Instagram Wild In Tight Gray And Black Leggings

Carrie Underwood showed off her athletic side when her company CALIA by Carrie posted a video of her rocking some very eye-catching gray and black marble-print leggings. In the video, the country music superstar is jumping onto a stool and appears to be doing it with ease. The text in the clip says "9:21 AM Saint Louis, MO," so it looks like Carrie is giving her fans a glimpse of her morning workout routine when she's on the road.

The fans clearly appreciated the video and let it be known in the comments section of the post.

"Looking good Carrie!" one fan cheered.

One CALIA by Carrie customer gave the brand high praise.

"I love this marble print. I really hope to add this pattern to my collection. If it was up to me I just live in @caliabycarrie all day every day," they wrote.

CALIA did not reveal the name of the design that Carrie is wearing but, according to their website, each pair of leggings cost between $41.97 and $65 depending on the size that you choose.

This isn't the first time that the American Idol alum has been featured in a workout video on the brand's Instagram page. Late last month, they posted an epic video of her doing a kettle bell routine. In that clip, she's wearing a loose gray tank top and black leggings with floral trim.

"From sets to setlists, find your unique way to #StayThePath," the caption reads.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, CALIA also recently posted a photo of her enjoying some downtime in one of their jumpsuits.

Even though you can't exactly see how it looks on her because she's sitting down, in the comments, fans expressed that they wanted to purchase it based on the photo alone.

"Love this look, currently in my shopping cart," one enthusiastic fan wrote.

The jumpsuit costs $80 on the CALIA by Carrie website and features a draw cord at the waist and pockets. The product description describes it as a "full-body suit" that's a "perfect all-in-one piece."

Carrie Underwood started CALIA in 2017 after Dick's sporting goods presented her with the opportunity to collaborate on the athleisure line.

"I don't know that I ever thought an opportunity like this would ever present itself to me," she said in an interview with WWD. "I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle and was always looking for clothes to help me along the way.

The brand currently has just over 500,000 followers on Instagram, which is eclipsed by the singer's 9 million followers on her personal page.

But after reading some comments on the Instagram posts that she's featured in, it's clear that Carrie's fans have a lot of love for CALIA.