December 8, 2019
Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Donald Trump For Making America 'Saudi Arabia's B*tch'

As The Inquisitr reported, a recent drone strike on oil in Saudi Arabia led Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to lay the blame on Iran without hesitation. Despite Pompeo's assertion, Iranian-backed Houthi forces in Yemen took responsibility for the attack, which continues to stir tension in the already tumultuous relationship between the United States and the West Asian country.

On Sunday, Donald Trump took to Twitter to address the situation and suggest that the U.S. is ready to go to war with Iran. Of course, Trump gave one condition to this possibility: a go-ahead from Saudi Arabia and the "terms" under which the U.S. should proceed.

In response, Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard had some choice words to Trump.

"Trump awaits instructions from his Saudi masters," she tweeted. "Having our country act as Saudi Arabia's b*tch is not 'America First.'"

The New York Times reports that Iran has dismissed the possibility of a meeting between its president, Hassan Rouhani, and Trump. According to Seyed Abbas Mousavi, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the U.S. will only be allowed back into the "framework of the nuclear deal member states" if it returns to the 2015 nuclear deal that Trump abruptly withdrew from.

Although Pompeo remains adamant that Iran was behind the attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil and said that no evidence suggests it came from Yemen, he has not suggested an alternative launch site.

Sioux City Journal reports that Gabbard was critical of Pompeo's claims, especially when considering the purported lack of evidence.
"It's a pretty big allegation. (Pompeo) has presented no evidence to support that claim. They're taking us step by step by step by step closer to the brink of war with Iran."
Per The Inquisitr, Gabbard has been openly critical of Trump and his relationship with the desert kingdom. She previously praised Jon Stewart for standing up for 9/11 victims and first responders in his viral speech to Congress in June and also used the opportunity to attack Trump for his support for Saudi Arabia.

Gabbard is currently ninth place in polls and attacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) after she failed to qualify for the third Democratic debate. She also criticized the debate formats and suggested that they aren't set up properly to allow a proper discussion of the issues facing America.

"The 30- to 60-second answers don't provide the kind of opportunity that we have here today to really get into these issues," she said. "So, debate or no debate, we are focused on continuing to reach directly to voters."