Derek Hough Talks Jennifer Lopez’s Sizzling Pole Dancing Scene In ‘Hustlers’: ‘You’ve Gotta See This’

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Derek Hough gushed over Jennifer Lopez’s seriously hot pole dancing scene in her new movie Hustlers. The former Dancing with the Stars professional – who now works alongside JLo as a judge on the NBC dance competition World of Dance – opened up about how the stunning 50-year-old mom of two does a seriously seductive dance on the pole for an impressive 10 minutes.

Derek got very candid about Jennifer’s stripper moves while speaking to Entertainment Tonight, admitting that everyone on the set was talking about the pole dancing scene. He knows just how hot it is, even though he hasn’t actually seen it yet.

“I haven’t seen it, but I heard all about it though,” Derek said in the new interview. “I was with all my producers from the show, and they were all talking about it, ‘You’ve gotta see this scene, where for 10 minutes straight, she does an amazing pole dance, for 10 minutes straight.'”

Derek then added of Jennifer, “That’s some stamina right there.”

The professional dancer also recalled how much Jennifer trained to take on the role of Ramona in the new movie, revealing that she did a whole lot of practicing for the project at the same time they were working together.

“She was practicing a lot, and it’s tough,” Derek admitted. “It is hard. It’s really hard.”

Jennifer’s seriously sexy scene has been causing quite a stir online recently, and she’s been very open about how daunting she found the task in multiple interviews.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, JLo recently opened up about “literally wearing nothing” as she took on the pole dancing scene for the movie, which also stars Lili Reinhart, Constance Wu, and Keke Palmer as a group of strippers out to get revenge on their rich Wall Street clients.

“I was terrified,” Jennifer previously told Entertainment Tonight of how she really felt about stripping down for the pole dancing scene. “I was so ready for it, I was prepared, I knew exactly what I was doing.”

Jennifer then admitted that she walked to the stage in an outfit that was so skimpy it was basically “dental floss” and added, “I said to myself, ‘Oh my god, what am I doing with my life right now? Oh my god.'”

When she’s not starring in movies, appearing on World of Dance, or focusing on her various other business ventures, Jennifer is focusing on her music, which could see her make a huge splash in front of millions next year.

Jennifer Lopez attends Alexander Wang & STXfilms’ New York Special Screening of “Hustlers”
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As The Inquisitr also recently reported, the Hustlers star is currently one of the big names in talks to potentially perform at the 2020 Super Bowl during the halftime show.

Though nothing’s been officially announced by JLo or the NFL just yet, Derek admitted in his recent ET interview that he’s actually pretty confident the mom of two could take to the stage during the football game.

“I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t do something,” Derek said. “She’s just — crushing it. So, yeah, wouldn’t be surprised.”