Jenna Jameson Gets Flirty In Black Lingerie, Sending Instagram Into A Frenzy

It appears that former adult film star Jenna Jameson was feeling bold and flirty over the weekend based on her latest Instagram post. The 45-year-old mom of three is living a pretty quiet life in Hawaii these days, but she can still turn up the heat and get pulses racing, as can be seen in this selfie showing Jenna in a sexy pose and an enticing set of black lingerie.

The new Instagram post shows Jameson sitting on the floor in her Hawaiian condo. She is wearing a wig of short blonde hair, and it clearly gives her an extra feeling of sass and confidence. Jenna sat with one leg crossed under her and the other stretched out in front of her with the muscles on both showing off Jenna's current fit physique.

Jenna wore a black lace lingerie top and simple black panties as she crossed her arms in front of her breasts to take the photo. Fans could see just a hint of cleavage in the photo, and Jameson's facial expression gave off the vibe that she was feeling especially adventurous as she snapped this picture.

Jameson teased her followers that she was thinking about cutting her hair, seemingly contemplating going with a short bob like could be seen in this shot. Jenna often has her long, blonde hair pulled up into a casual bun atop her head, but this short style definitely seemed to spark a new level of fearlessness that many followers found rather enticing.

As The Inquisitr recently detailed, Jenna isn't always quite so confident. She used a recent Instagram post to get honest with her followers about some struggles she has worked through, explaining that a darkness has lifted for her in recent weeks.

Jameson has been open about both the mental and physical struggles she has navigated over the past few years. She has relied on a keto diet to help her lose about 80 pounds since having her daughter Batel, and she has also committed to being sober and become a big fan of intermittent fasting.

While it would seem that fans had somewhat mixed reactions to the idea of Jenna cutting her hair short, everybody seemed to agree that she looked absolutely fabulous in this latest selfie. Thousands showed their love for this look overnight after Jenna posted the photo and marveled over how stunning she looks these days.

Another Instagram post shared over the weekend showed Jenna Jameson in a form-fitting tank top and short gray shorts, her daughter Batel by her side. This selfie showcased her long, blonde hair, and it looks as if fans adore both her casual vibe with long hair as well as her sultry selfie with the shorter bob. Whichever style she goes with, her fans will be showing their love.