Artie Lange Shows Off Significant Weight Loss, Says He Won’t Fix Nose Disfigured By Snorting Drugs

Cindy OrdGetty Images For SiriusXM

Artie Lange’s frame is changing dramatically, but his disfigured nose will be staying the same.

The troubled comedian just left rehab and said he has been sober for more than seven months as he remains determined to turn himself around. During that time, Lange suffered a collapsed septum in his nose, leaving it looking flat.

In a recent interview, Lange shared that the disfigured nose was the result of 30 years of snorting heroin and cocaine — and once even snorting glass. Lange also explained on the Are We Still Talking About This? podcast that he owed $62,000 to his bookie, and the person who came to collect “knocked me out with one punch.”

Lange said that he has no plans to get the nose fixed, saying it can serve as a reminder to others about how far people can fall.

“Even if you make some money and have some success you can still end up living like a straight-up scumbag,” he said. “I was never a bad person but I did a lot of bad things because I was addicted to drugs.”

While Artie’s nose may be permanently disfigured, the comedian has seen some dramatic improvements in other areas. In a picture that Artie shared on Twitter this week, he appeared to have lost a significant amount of weight and was looking healthier and happier than he had in recent months — despite the disfigured nose.

The picture prompted some supportive messages both from fans and some of Artie’s fellow comedians, who have been rooting him on in his recovery. As The Inquisitr reported, several people who had worked with Artie reached out to offer help in recent months, as the Howard Stern Show alum struggled with arrests and drug relapses.

Dominic Barbara, who worked along with Artie on the Howard Stern Show, wrote an open letter to New York Post‘s Page Six telling Lange that he would pick up the bill if Artie were willing to go to rehab.

“If you want to come, I will come get you and pay all your costs,” he wrote, pleading with Lange to “please save your life.”

Artie Lange’s lawyers ended up putting in a bid for the comedian to go to a drug treatment program rather than being sent to jail for a parole violation, and a judge agreed. Lange had spent much of the last few months in rehab, where the actor said he has been able to get off drugs and stay clean.