50 Cent Is Reportedly Willing To Insult Wendy Williams Again If She Discusses Him On Her Talk Show

Ilya S. Savenok / Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

50 Cent is reportedly temporarily ending his long-standing feud with Wendy Williams, as long as she refrains from mentioning him on her talk show.

The Inquisitr previously reported that 50 and Williams have been in a feud for years, which has escalated on social media. 50 has insulted the daytime talk show host on various occasions on his Instagram page, which currently has a total of 24.7 million followers. Williams, for the most part, has been mum about 50’s comments as of recent.

Hollywood Life reports that the two personalities are reportedly taking the steps to squash their beef with each other. Williams reportedly recently said nice things about the Power executive producer when she was challenged to do so on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Since Williams said positive things about 50, the rapper has seemingly forgiven her and has even posted a photo of a photoshopped Williams embracing 50 on a poster.

While the “21 Questions” rapper is willing to turn over a new leaf, a source revealed to HL that 50 is more than willing to return to his old ways if Williams mentions his name on her talk show when its new season returns.

“50 will let Wendy do what she wants to do, he is in a position where he knows that he will have any clap back needed and ready if she ever goes after him, especially when her show comes back next week,” a source shared about the feud.

“It makes him happy to know that he gets under her skin and will always be on her case. It is what 50 does and what makes him happy. To make Wendy have to deal with what he says gives him quite the joy. He will never stop.”

Although the Instagram photo 50 shared seemed to be another excuse for him to take a jab at Williams, the daytime host is reportedly unbothered. The source continued to tell the outlet that the former radio star believes that 50 is “obsessed” with her at this point. Williams is also reportedly keeping her comments to herself when it comes to the rapper.

The feud between Williams and 50 reportedly began when she started The Wendy Williams Show in 2008. 50 and his estranged son, Marquis Jackson, 21, would be a frequent topic on the host’s “Hot Topics” section. 50 reportedly took issue with Williams stating on her show that 50 needed to step up and be a better father to his son.

Viewers of The Wendy Williams Show will have to wait and see if Williams will address the comments from 50 when the show premieres for Season 11 on Monday, September 16.