Timothy Granaderos Dishes On His ’13 Reasons Why’ Character

Actor Timothy Granaderos attending the MTV Movie And TV Awards at Barker Hangar.
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

The third season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why focuses almost primarily on the death of Bryce Walker, played by Justin Prentice. However, there was another character, Timothy Granaderos’ Montgomery “Monty” De La Cruz, who also died tragically, and the actor is sharing his thoughts on the storyline, according to a report from TVLine.

Monty is a popular student at Liberty High. At first, his life seems almost perfect but it turns out that Monty is being physically abused by his alcoholic father. He is also struggling with his sexuality and refuses to acknowledge the fact he might be attracted to men. During Season 2, he took out his anger by assaulting another student. Monty cornered Tyler Down, played by Devin Druid, and sodomized him with a mop handle. During Season 3, he had sex with another male student but later attacked the boy after he spoke to him in front of his teammates.

Eventually, Monty is arrested for assaulting Tyler and he’s confronted about his sexuality by his father. Monty summoned the courage to finally stand up to his dad and admitted he is gay out loud for the first time. Unfortunately, upon returning to his cell, Monty was brutally murdered.

Since Monty was already dead, Amorowat Anysia “Ani” Achola, played by Grace Saif, decided to blame him for Bryce’s murder, an act that led to the exoneration of Clay Jensen, played by Dylan Minnette.

When asked how he responded after learning the fate of his character, Granaderos said he was shocked.

“It’s always a little shocking, but as an actor, you hope to get things that shock and scare you — and everything Monty did in Season 3 was shocking and scary,” he said. “I’m grateful for the dimensions they added to Monty’s character.”

The actor went on to discuss the most challenging scene he filmed in Season 3.

“I’d say it was when Monty’s dad visits him in prison in the finale. In preparation for that, I had to think about what his psyche would be like, and I just kept coming back to this feeling of being completely lonely,” he explained, before adding that he tried to isolate himself on the day of the shoot so he could go into a “really dark place.”

Granaderos was also asked about his plans for future projects, to which he responded that he hopes his next role is completely different from his role on the Netflix series. He said he hopes he isn’t typecast and will be able to embody a new character so completely different that no one will realize he played Monty.

As for the person who actually killed Bryce Walker, fans of the show may already know, it was Alex Standall, played by Miles Heizer. However, Alisha Boe, who plays the role of Jessica Davis, said she wished her character had a bigger part in Bryce’s death, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

13 Reasons Why Seasons 1-3 are now streaming on Netflix.