Melissa Riso Bares Backside With No Pants And Causes Instagram Frenzy

Melissa RisoInstagram

Actress, male hairstylist, and model Melissa Riso caused an Instagram frenzy with her 1.1 million followers on the popular social media platform earlier today with a risque new post.

In the dramatic image Riso that shared, she is leaning on a taupe couch with her bare backside pointed toward the camera. The model posed entirely nude, except for a brown leather jacket, which she let slide off her shoulders. The small coat hit right at Riso’s waist, emphasizing its small size and highlighting the swell of her hips as they curved into her rounded backside.

The celebrity hairstylist gazed off to the side with her lips partly open and her luxurious brunette locks hung in soft waves over one of her shoulders. A smokey eye and dark pink lips, combined with contoured cheeks, completed the sensual look.

In her caption, Riso noted that life is simple, but people end up complicating things, and she credited Studio 977 for the photo. Several thousand of the model’s followers pressed the “like” button. More than 200 took the time to type out a message complimenting Riso on her sexy photo. Many people felt that the picture was pure fire, and so many comments contained multiple fire emoji.

“You are the most beautiful in the world! I love you,” gushed a fan.

“Flawless baby. Gorgeous baby. Love you,” another complimented.

Some followers had thoughts about Riso’s interesting caption, with many agreeing and a few disagreeing with the actress.

“That’s for sure. I’ve been saying that to everyone just some kind don’t get it. Lol,” a follower replied in agreement.

“Honestly life isn’t that simple as you presumed it is. However, often time people do make life more complicated when it doesn’t need to be. But I don’t think it has any relevance or anything to do with sexuality or nudity,” one person wrote in disagreement.

In her Instagram story, Riso posted a beautiful shot from Geoffrey’s restaurant in Malibu. The model appeared to enjoy a drink as she looked out at the beautiful scenery. Later, she shared a picture of a book that her dad, Vincent Riso, sent her in the mail. It was a children’s book he wrote called How The Little Star Got Its Shine. She hopes to get her dad to sell the book on Amazon in the future.

Recently, The Inquisitr reported that the hairstylist, who owns Mr. By Melissa Riso, posted a picture of herself popping out of a tiny blue bikini that gave some of her fans mermaid vibes.