Cameron Monaghan Sends Gallavich Fans Into A Frenzy

Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher in SHAMELESS
Paul Sarkis / Showtime

Another day, another Gallavich-themed snapshot has broken Instagram.

This time, it was none other than Cameron Monaghan (who plays the role of Ian Gallagher) that sent Shameless fans reeling.

Less then 24 hours ago, Monaghan took to his Instagram account to share a snapshot of himself and Noel Fisher (who was in character as Mickey Milkovich).

While fans were only able to see a hint of Noel in the frame, it was clear the two were rocking their vibrant yellow prison jumpers as they sat with their backs against the wall.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Showtime recently dropped the official Season 10 trailer. Among the many things in the trailer included was the bombshell that Ian and Mickey might break-up. Specifically, the trailer suggested Ian was considering dumping Mickey.

The snapshot Cameron opted to share on his profile with his 2.2 million followers as he joined the rest of his cast members in announcing the premiere date for Season 10 getting pushed back to November 10 appeared to be a still from the official trailer.

While Noel’s face was out of focus in the snapshot, there appears to be sadness in his eyes as Cameron gave him a bit of an unfriendly glare.

As those who have watched all previous seasons of the series know, the duo only just reconnected briefly last season. While the actors jokingly admitted during an interview with Entertainment Weekly a month ago that prison is the first “stable” environment their characters have had to work on their relationship together, there is no denying being trapped in a small cell together with no space isn’t easy on a relationship either.

“It’s basically living together in the worst studio apartment you can possibly imagine,” Fisher explained.

While Cameron’s snapshot quickly accumulated just shy of 150,000 likes and 1,000 comments, it was hit with the same angry and opinionated wave of Gallavich fans as the official trailer was when the official Instagram page of the series shared it.

Monaghan was met with a little less hostility in the comments as fans acknowledged that he had little to do with what happened to the relationship between Ian and Mickey in the series.

His fans reassured him that they wouldn’t think less of him should Ian and Mickey split up during Season 10, but they still weren’t going to be happy about it.

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Just like the Instagram post featuring the trailer, several individuals were quick to exclaim that they had lawyers on standby and would “sue” if Gallavich came to an end this season.

“I already know that this season is going to play with my heart AGAIN,” one individual penned.

Another agreed, “I know its not up to you but if you(ian) dumps mikey i will possibly die of a broken heart.”

Going in a completely different direction, there were a lot of hopeful fans in the comments as well. One individual said it was their hope that Ian and Mickey would work out their differences, get out of jail, and get married before the season was over.

Struggling to separate the character from the actor, Monaghan did have a few fans who left threatening comments in all capital letters should Ian and Mickey split up.

As The Inquisitr reported last year, the passionate responses from fans don’t come as too much of a shock. Showrunner John Wells once revealed during an interview that he received multiple death threats after Noel previously exited the show. During the interview, Wells jokingly admitted that he was tempted to give angry fans Noel’s home phone number so they could badger him about returning to the cast.

Cameron’s reminder of the upcoming new season of Shameless comes just one week after he shared a snapshot of himself rocking deep red shorts as he joked about his “chicken legs” in the caption.

The sunny snapshot also sent his fans into a frenzy as they showered the comments with compliments such as “beautiful,” “precious,” and “stylish.”