Comedian And YouTuber David Dobrik Under Fire For Filming A Plane Crash Skit Shortly Before 9/11

YouTuber David Dobrik is known for his outlandish comedic skits, but he may have taken it a little too far this time.

David Dobrik smiles at the camera.
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YouTuber David Dobrik is known for his outlandish comedic skits, but he may have taken it a little too far this time.

Although he is only 23-years-old, popular YouTuber David Dobrik is one of the most successful people in the business. His famous four-minute and twenty-second vlog videos have gotten increasingly crazy throughout the years. Joined by his famous cast of friends, dubbed the Vlog Squad, Dobrik’s videos typically contain outlandish stunts, pranks, and comedic skits. The young star has almost 14 million subscribers on YouTube and plenty more on each of his social media accounts. He has gotten away with a lot throughout the years, at times posting some fairly controversial content. However, the video he posted on September 10 earned him some backlash online, according to The Daily Dot.

The video, which has since been deleted, began pretty much as normal, with plenty of crazy. The Vlog Squad met young fans, did a dangerous science experiment in Dobrik’s Los Angeles mansion, and of course, drove erratically in their luxury vehicles. But at the end of the video, Dobrik filmed a skit that was supposed to be funny but didn’t go over very well due to its timing. In the clip, Dobrik and a group of his friends are seated on an airplane. Instagram star Corinna Kopf takes on the role of a flight attendant while comedian Jason Nash pretends to be the pilot of a struggling plane that is about to crash land.

Many people on social media found it insensitive that Dobrik chose to post this video the day before September 11. While he posted it on September 10, it gained so many views that it was trending on Twitter the following day.

“Please tell me someone watched @DavidDobrik s video he posted last night and felt it was insensitive and disgusting to do the night before the anniversary of 9/11?,” one person wrote on Twitter.

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“David Dobrik is known for doing a lot of crazy things, but I cannot believe the bad taste of uploading a vlog the night before 9/11 and including a bunch of jokes about their plane crashing. @jasonnash you are 45 years old, you should know better. So disappointed in ya’ll,” another Twitter user wrote.

Dobrik didn’t address the controversy but did take the video off of his channel.

Unlike many other YouTuber’s in his position, Dobrik has primarily avoided drama and controversy throughout the years. He has a primarily clean reputation and has become known for using his wealth to benefit others, whether it be by presenting college students with free laptops or buying his friends cars. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Dobrik recently bought his friend Heath Hussar his very own Lamborghini sports car. The emotional video quickly went viral online.