‘Shagmag’ Hottie Julia Rose Drives Instagram Wild In Hot Red Bikini That Might Be Breaking Rules

Julia RoseInstagram

Julia Rose is known for pushing the boundaries. The model and social media sensation comes with somewhat of a reputation for rocking some of the tiniest swimwear around. With enough snaps of Julia having ditched her upper clothing over on her Instagram, this beauty also comes with somewhat of an unofficial status as the platform’s topless queen.

Julia’s Instagram photo showed her looking deep into the camera as she showcased her fierce body in a two-piece that definitely didn’t leave much to the imagination. The star was seen in a simple but sexy red bikini as she posed in full-frontal positioning in front of a white wall with hints of indoor greenery visible in the background. While the model’s facial expression was somewhat docile, her racy two-piece was heating things up. Julia appeared to have gone for a two-piece with a very dangerous neckline. With the bikini top showing more chest than is usually seen on Instagram, fans may well have been wondering if Julia was breaking any rules. Instagram is, of course, strict with its no-nudity policy. While Julia was far from nude here, she was showcasing parts of her body that likely had pulses raising.

The snap didn’t just flaunt Julia’s killer cleavage, though. The model’s trim and toned waistline, flat stomach, and all-around golden tan were also visible. Likewise, her fresh-faced beauty, with what appeared to be low-key makeup.

The photo is driving Instagram absolutely nuts. In fact, it appeared that users had honed in on the possible rule-breaking. The most upvoted comment got straight to it.

“Instagram police with their magnifying lenses out rn like”

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me when someone asks what my ideal date is

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The comment racked up more than 430 likes, although it looked like Julia herself had interacted with the fan.

“@heybigmike I was wondering where you’ve been,” Julia replied.

Other responses seemed to come in responding to Julia’s inviting caption.

“Can’t. I’m reading Shagmag right now,” one fan wrote.

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I love Wednesdays ????

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Shagmag appears to be the online magazine that Julia has founded. Her status as the founder is also mentioned in her Instagram bio.

Julia’s updates frequently come with a lot of chest on show. The star recently made The Inquisitr‘s headlines for braving a totally nude update while feeding herself spaghetti in the bath. Despite a lot of foam, the model had opted out of using bubbles to cover herself up.

For Julia’s fans, the brazen attitude seems more than welcome. It may also be responsible for her rising Instagram following.

Fans wishing to see how brave Julia goes with her next update should follow her Instagram.