Hailey Bieber Drops Jaws In A Braless Open Coat In A Mega-Post Update

hailey bieber at alexander wang show
Paul Morigi / Getty Images

Hailey Baldwin Bieber just dropped jaws after posting four new pictures to Instagram. The wife of Justin Bieber caused the social meltdown after posing in panties, boots, and an oversized coat with nothing else underneath for a recent photoshoot.

The shots come as the blonde beauty recently confessed that she used to feel “inferior” to other successful models such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Part of the reason stemmed from Hailey’s height — though five feet eight inches might be tall in the real world, it is generally too short to be a runway model.

However, she has fortunately come round, and her latest Instagram posts are perhaps a signal of how proud she is of her career, as they are all pictures from her latest photoshoot with Vogue Australia.

The first post Hailey uploaded featured two pictures. In the first, the stunner sizzles in a lime green oversized coat, with just a hint of black panties on underneath and nothing more as she walks in a field of tall grass.

In the second, Hailey sits in a chair as she is covered by only a trench coat. The coat features an interesting design, with a traditional beige top and lapel and a black suede-looking fabric for the rest of the coat.

The upload quickly garnered over 300,000 likes within a few hours.

However, even more popular was Hailey’s next post. This one was a picture of the Vogue cover, and Hailey looked absolutely stunning.

Like the pictures before, she poses with a jacket with nothing on underneath. The jacket, a light blue bomber style jacket with shearling trim, was pulled across her bust to protect her modesty. However, with the left shoulder bare, it gives the impression that the jacket is just about to slip down.

Fans went wild over the photo, and gave it over 405,000 likes and nearly 30 comments, again in just hours.

“What a beauty!!” gushed Chrissy Rutherford of Harper’s Bazaar.

“Stop. It. I can’t,” added another besotted fan.

“ICONIC,” proclaimed a third, adding a flower emoji.

Last but not least is a sultry black and white photo from the blonde beauty. In the picture, she poses in an oversized check jacket, again with nothing underneath but black panties. Hailey holds the jacket at the bust to preserve her modesty once more, but it nonetheless reveals her toned midriff and panties. Hailey even playfully tugs at the side of the undies, showing even more of her beautifully long legs.

The final picture earned over 276,000 likes, with more surely to come soon.