Beyonce's 'Making The Gift' Announcement Sparks Instagram Meltdown: See The Video

Beyonce is making major headlines right now. The Lemonade singer has announced that a television special is on the way, with Rolling Stone reporting that Beyoncé Presents: Making the Gift will be airing on ABC Monday night after Dancing With the Stars. If anything says prime-time slot, it's landing the airing space after the popular dance series.

Beyonce took to Instagram earlier today with a video offering her own social media announcement of the television special. The video showed Beyonce and others in various settings – there was a distinctly African feel to some of the footage, with lions seen racing across safari grounds and reflecting the behind-the-scenes aspect of Beyonce's The Gift. Then again, with the singer herself appearing in front of a mic, fans were also seeing Beyonce in ways they've known her for years. The video included flying birds, dancers, a studio session, plus other moments forming a trailer – whatever it is that fans have honed in on, it's been driving them into meltdown.

"I've already cleared my schedule!" was a comment racking up over 1,000 likes in the space on one hour.

"Everything on tomorrow's agenda has now been canceled" proved similarly popular, racking up over 890 likes in the same time frame.

"Is this a Netflix special?" one fan asked.

While Beyonce's special appears to be with ABC and not Netflix, the 400+ upvotes to this comment did appear to see fans wondering the same.

Of course, fans had spotted that Beyonce's status as a mother was briefly featured in the video.

"Beyonce so The Emmys She about to take over tv again. Peep the snippet of her and Blue playing the drums. This album has been in the works since last year she really be sitting on all this footage deciding when to stop being petty and drop it. I stan," a fan wrote.

While this comment appeared to see the user a touch irate that Beyonce hasn't released new music, it did both gush over daughter Blue Ivy and close with the Instagram-adored "stan" phrase.

Plenty more comments came in, with the video itself racking up over 1 million views in the space of one hour.

Updates from the great Beyonce aren't too frequent on Instagram, although when they do land, they land like a bomb. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this month, snaps of Beyonce in an open shirt and shorts also sparked somewhat of a meltdown.

Beyonce is not the only musician to have made television headlines this year. Rapper Travis Scott recently featured in a Netflix documentary, with girlfriend Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi Webster also seen.

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