Ashley Alexiss No Pants NFL Football Jersey Picture Sends Instagram Into Meltdown

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Today, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Ashley Alexiss declared sides in the NFL during Football Sunday. She shared a new picture of herself wearing a jersey and sent her 1.8 million Instagram followers into a meltdown.

In the post, Alexiss stood in front of a beautiful ocean wearing nothing but a white-and-navy blue New England Patriots jersey and a smile. The blonde bombshell had one hand in her wavy hair, which covered part of her face. With the other hand, she held down the jersey to protect her modesty since it appears as if she did not wear any pants with the outfit. Of course, it is possible that she wore the red ruched-back bikini bottoms she had on in another Patriots jersey picture from last week, and they couldn’t be seen due to her pose.

In the caption, Alexiss wished her followers a happy Sunday full of football and peppered her comment with plenty of pro-Patriots hashtags. The jersey featured number 10, which belongs to Josh Gordon.

Within an hour, nearly 10,000 fans took a moment to express their appreciation by hitting the “like” button, and more than 100 followers also dropped a comment for the model, who is also an NFL fan.

“Got yourself a Gordon jersey, huh? Love it, LFG,” commented one follower.

“Had to get it custom made because it’s not available in women’s jerseys,” Alexiss replied, complete with two eye-rolling emoji, and followers replied in shock that it is not available for women.

“Now I love you even more!!” gushed another fan of both Alexiss and the Patriots.

Of course, plenty of fans also replied in support of Alexiss but not her choice in teams. Although today the Patriots play the Miami Dolphins, many of her followers posted messages declaring themselves Dallas Cowboys fans.

“You’re hot,” replied a follower. “But that jerseys not. #gocowboys.”

“Let’s go, Cowboys,” wrote another fan who clearly does not root for the Patriots.

“You need a Cowboys jersey instead, hun,” declared a fan.

According to a previous report from The Inquisitr, yesterday Alexiss returned from her recent trip to The Maldives, which she took to celebrate her wedding anniversary with her husband, Travis Yohe. The couple enjoyed scenic views, incredible food, and plenty of relaxation on the beach during their vacation to mark another successful year of their union. The picture she shared on Instagram earlier today is likely from her recent trip, given the gorgeous ocean in the background.