Jax Taylor Slams 'Thirsty' New Additions To 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast, Reveals Thoughts On Dayna Kathan

Jax Taylor isn't impressed with all of the new additions to Vanderpump Rules.

During an interview with Hollywood Life, Taylor opened up about his thoughts on the new cast members of Season 8 and said that while he does like some of the new people, including a man named Brett and a woman named Dayna Kathan, he finds some of the additions to be "very naive."

"To me, some of them seem a little thirsty," he admitted, according to a September 13 report.

According to Taylor, he likes Brett because he's comfortable hanging out with cast members of the show and works hard. As Taylor explained, it isn't always easy breaking into his friend group because they have such an extensive history with one another, but when it came to Brett, he did an amazing job.

"We're very close and we just don't like people kind of breaking in to our circle, because we just don't know what their intentions are," Taylor explained of the Vanderpump Rules crew. "It's nothing personal against these people, it's just, we like our group the way it is."

As fans of the Bravo TV series have seen over the past several years, Taylor and his cast mates have gone through a number of ups and downs with one another but always seem to be on good terms at the end of each season. Even earlier this year, after Taylor temporarily cut Tom Sandoval from his best man role at his June wedding, the two men reconciled and Sandoval was by Taylor's side when he said "I do" with Brittany Cartwright.

Taylor went on to speak of Kathan, who shared several photos of herself with the Vanderpump Rules cast throughout production on the series' eighth season.

"She's really sweet," Taylor said.

While Taylor said only good things about Kathan, he admitted that he hasn't filmed scenes with the majority of the new cast members because he likes to stick to his core group of friends and doesn't like to have people around him that he doesn't know. That said, Taylor added that he doesn't have anything against the new members of the show and has invited them to his house for pool parties on occasion.

Production on Season 8 began several months ago and, according to The Inquisitr, is believed to have wrapped last month around the time of the one-year-anniversary party thrown for TomTom restaurant.

The eighth season of Vanderpump Rules is expected to premiere on Bravo TV sometime later this year.