‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: The Last Power Of Veto Winner Is Revealed, Seemingly Cementing The Final 3 Plan

Sonja FlemmingCBS

The final Power of Veto competition for Season 21 was played over the weekend and Big Brother spoilers tease that this one will have a significant impact on the game. The Inquisitr previously revealed that Nicole Anthony is Head of Household this week, but it’s the POV winner who really holds the power for the next eviction.

Big Brother spoilers indicate that as expected, Nicole nominated Jackson Michie and Holly Allen for eviction. During the POV competition, spoiler Twitter account @BB_Updates reveals that Jackson won the Veto.

This means that Jackson can pull himself off the nomination block, which would put Cliff automatically on the block instead. It also means that Jackson would cast the sole vote for eviction.

Heading into this week of competition, there’s been a lot of scrambling with numerous promises made. Jackson led Cliff and Nicole to believe he’d be willing to evict Holly, and Holly insinuated the same about Jackson. After Jackson won POV, Cliff and Nicole discussed the possibility that Jackson would save himself and vote out Cliff instead of Holly.

Cliff, naturally, is anxious to talk himself into believing that Jackson will stick to the deal they’d made to ensure he stays. He told Nicole he trusts Jackson to keep his word and keep him in the game. However, BB21 spoilers from Big Brother Network reveal that Jackson has promised Holly that he’d never vote her out over Cliff.

The Power of Veto ceremony will be held on Monday. Jackson mentioned the idea of taking Holly off the block instead of himself, leaving her to do the dirty work of evicting Cliff.

At the same time, Big Brother spoilers note, Jackson admitted to Holly that he was somewhat paranoid that she’d decide to evict him instead of Cliff. Of course, she’s promised she wouldn’t. At this point, it certainly appears that Jackson and Holly have every intention of sticking with one another.

Big Brother spoilers point out that Cliff has already told Jackson that he’d keep Nicole over him if he had the power to make the final eviction decision. Given that, even if Jackson was willing to vote out Holly, it seems unlikely he’d seriously consider sticking to the deal he made to keep Cliff over Holly now.

Nicole seems to have an awareness that Cliff probably isn’t as safe as he thinks he is. While a lot can change before Thursday’s vote is cast, Big Brother 21 spoilers suggest that it is virtually guaranteed that the Final 3 this season will be Nicole Anthony, Jackson Michie, and Holly Allen, with Cliff Hogg headed to the jury.