NFL Rumors: Despite Hints, Rob Gronkowski Not Expected To Come Out Of Retirement And Return To Patriots

Maddie MeyerGetty Images

Rob Gronkowski has been flirting with the idea of coming back to the NFL, dropping a series of hints that he may come out of his early retirement.

But a new report claims that the 30-year-old future Hall of Famer is likely to stay on the sidelines for good. The report from noted that Gronkowski’s series of serious injuries that forced him into retirement may have gotten better now that he’s hung up the cleats, but the risks of more long-term injuries remain.

“Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski jokingly hinted he come out of retirement by Week 14 of this season earlier this week, but it might be best if Gronk stays away from football permanently,” the report noted, adding that Gronkowski has said he would be wary of his children playing football one day and wants them to be fully aware of the risks and what he went through.

As The Inquisitr reported last week, there have been increasing signs both from Gronkowski and others close to the Patriots that he could be coming back out of retirement. Though the New England Patriots legend was clear at the time of his retirement earlier this year that he was too worn down by the number of injuries he had suffered in recent seasons, he has since appeared to open the door on a potential return.

Last week, Gronkowski stirred the pot with a post on Twitter showing an emoji of surprised eyeballs after the Patriots traded wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. The post led many on social media to notice that Gronkowski’s Twitter bio listed him as “New England Patriots Tight End,” with some argument over whether he had recently changed it or if it had been that way all along.

Gronkowski later dropped hints that he could come back within this season, joking during an appearance on Barstool Sports that he could be back in Week 14.

Others close to the team have joined in as well. Just before New England kicked off the season last week, former Patriots player Willie McGinest took to Instagram to share a short video with Gronkowski catching passes on the field at Gillette Stadium.

“Major comebacks happening in foxboro,” he wrote in the caption, leading many to speculate whether McGinest might have inside information on Gronkowski making a comeback.

Despite the rumors and his own hints, Rob Gronkowski has not spoken seriously about returning to the New England Patriots.