Young Turks Producer Calls West Indies Cricket Fans “Savages”

The racist hot house at the Young Turks is under more scrutiny today after it was noted that the shows producer referred to West Indies fans as “savages.”

Young Turk producer Jayar Jackson writes on the site that the ad, which as we noted yesterday shows West Indies cricket fans exactly how they would normally behave, “depicts dark skinned people as savages.”

But it gets worse: Jackson writes “Sometimes these people could be hiring for a job and if they have their stereotypes confirmed by pop culture….No one wants a savage working for them….”

The problem of course is that the way the West Indies fans are shown in the ad is similar to how cricket fans of many races and nationalities behave (see video below, that includes Jackson;) no one in any civilized country with a basic understanding of cultures outside their own could possibly think otherwise.

When Jackson says that the ad portrays West Indies fans savages, he is saying that West Indies fans who behave the same way at a game of cricket are savages as well. The use of the racist term “savages” when referring to black people is well known across the globe, unlike the idea that African-Americans like fried chicken, which is a racist American stereotype unknown outside North America. Like Ana Kasparian, he condemns cultures other than his own as being something less worthy, or in Ana’s words “uncivilised.”

Seriously, WTF is wrong with these people? They claim they’re a “liberal” show but the only thing they seem to be quite liberal on is using racist terms to describe people from cultures they don’t understand.


My repeat from yesterday: how is the show tied into the likes of and Sirius XM? How do these people have YouTube partner status?