Devin Brugman & Natasha Oakley Don White Bikinis To Enjoy The Beach

Natasha Oakley & Devin Brugman pose backstage for Monday Swimwear Fashion Show.
Jason Koerner / Getty Images

Although Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley are both currently on vacation in Bali, they have been very generous with their fans by regularly posting bikini snaps, per The Inquisitr. In fact, the business partners’ latest posts have already racked up a considerable amount of views on their Monday Swimwear Instagram page.

The models-turned-entrepreneurs describe themselves as “swimwear connoisseurs” and embody the values of body positivity, per Monday Swimwear. Devin and Natasha initially started out as ordinary bikini models and influencers but soon realized that they could leverage their social media platforms to promote their own swimwear range and self-confidence in women.

Their swimsuit line and their message of empowerment really resonates with everyday women. Thanks to their realistic approach, Monday Swimwear is now one of the most in-demand swimsuit brands. Devin and Natasha recently had an interview with Us Magazine to explain their philosophy.

“We draw our inspiration from the amazing women that we meet and our travels. … The silhouettes we design are inspired by women, what will flatter them, what women that we love ask for and what we love and feel good in ourselves.”

The duo’s latest Instagram snaps feature them wearing snug bikinis that are so comfortable that the friends are able to dance unashamedly on the beach. The business partners are all smiles as they raise their arms and enjoy their surroundings.

The Instagram snaps also show them cavorting on the beach alongside a white horse. Fans are treated to Natasha and Devin in all sorts of poses as they enjoy the sunset on the beach.

Natasha sported a Clovelly Top from their Signature collection. The broad white straps fit securely over the shoulders without biting into the flesh, while the supportive underwire helps to keep everything firm. An added bonus is the V-shaped cutout in the front of the bikini top which helps to expose her bronzed cleavage.

Devin sported a Palma top and bottom in ivory. The extremely sexy set leaves little to the imagination as the halter neck shows off Devin’s bounteous curves. The drawstring detail on the bottoms also helps draw the eyes to the top of her hips which lengthens the line of her legs.

Although their Monday Swimwear Instagram page has only 389,000 followers, Devin and Natasha have a large following on their own social media pages. Devin has 1.3 million avid followers while Natasha has bragging rights to over 2 million fans.