Former WWE Superstar Allegedly Involved In Violent Backstage Incident With AEW Star, WWE Producer


Just days after former WWE wrestler Big Cass admitted to remaining in touch with his former employer and leaving the door open for a potential return, a new report alleges that the onetime fan-favorite superstar was involved in a troubling incident at an independent show in Rahway, New Jersey, on Saturday, one that allegedly resulted in police getting involved to escort the wrestler out of the building.

According to PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson, the incident purportedly took place at the Rahway Rec Center, during independent promotion WrestlePro’s farewell event for owner Pat Buck, who recently signed with WWE as a backstage producer. Citing multiple sources who were at the show, Johnson wrote that Cass was acting in a belligerent manner during the event, as he supposedly sought a “physical confrontation” with AEW star Joey Janela. This was apparently over Janela’s previous altercation with Cass’ longtime friend and tag teammate, Enzo Amore, at a Blink-182 concert in New Jersey.

While one backstage source claimed that Cass slapped Janela, Johnson stressed that he was not able to confirm this at the time of writing. Separately, wrestling news and rumors page The 434 shared a screenshot from Reddit, where it was alleged that Cass threatened to “murder” Janela and shoot him after the show. Notably, these accusations were not mentioned in Johnson’s report for PWInsider.

Although Cass and Janela were reportedly civil toward each other on Friday night when they shared the same locker room at a Northeast Wrestling event, Johnson’s sources shared that the former WWE superstar continued his aggressive behavior toward Janela throughout the evening, even as cooler heads tried to intervene. Cass then allegedly accused several wrestlers of stealing one of his sweaters and threatened to beat them up before he was transferred to a smaller backstage room.

After Cass was transferred to a smaller room in the backstage area, he reportedly acted in a similar manner toward the wrestlers in the room, claiming that they were stealing his belongings and threatening to fight them. He then confronted Buck, who was in the room with him, purportedly spitting in his face and triggering a physical altercation between both men.

“Buck, with no recourse as he was backed against a wall, punched Cass and took him down with that one punch,” Johnson continued. “Buck then grabbed Cass and controlled him on the floor as other wrestlers stormed in and pulled Cass out of the room.”

Big Cass chops Daniel Bryan during their match at WWE Backlash in May 2018.
Featured image credit: WWE

As further noted by Johnson, Cass’ “entire demeanor changed” once he was on the floor, as he allegedly began asking everyone “what was going on,” seemingly unsure why someone had punched him. Cass was then reportedly escorted from the building by local police and taken to a local hospital as the WrestlePro event continued as scheduled.

Due to the conflicting nature of the stories that emerged from Rahway after the alleged incident, Deadspin‘s David Bixenspan took to Twitter early on Sunday morning, explaining that per local police officials, no paperwork was filled out and no arrests were made despite the apparent “confrontation” that took place.

The alleged incident at Pat Buck’s WrestlePro farewell show came just days after Big Cass sat down with Wrestling Inc. and revealed that he has been in contact with WWE for a potential return. As reported yesterday by The Inquisitr, Cass also opened up in the past about his struggles with drinking and depression, but has since claimed to be in a much better place after conquering his personal demons.