Hall Of Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw: ‘I Can’t Stand Players Like Antonio Brown’

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Terry Bradshaw, the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, pulled exactly zero punches when asked about New England Patriots and former Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who was recently accused of rape by a former personal trainer in a civil lawsuit.

The hall-of-famer told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he was glad his former team dropped him from the lineup.

“I’m glad they got rid of him and I’m upset now that I know how he got away … (what) he was doing there. I wish the heck they would have gotten rid of him a long time ago,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw, co-host of Fox NFL Sunday, expressed his disapproval of how the Steelers organization “catered” to the wide receiver before dropping a bomb. “I can’t stand players like Antonio Brown,” he said.

During the interview, 71-year-old Bradshaw apparently spent several minutes blasting Brown, saying players like Brown would hate him as their quarterback because he’d never throw to them. Bradshaw emphasized the team aspect of a football game and implied that players like Brown — as great as they are — aren’t worth the baggage they carry with them.

“Winning football games is all about the team and all about players caring about one another and everybody pulling together, not pulling apart,” Bradshaw said.

And because Brown’s future employment with the Patriots is seemingly at stake, given the gravity of the accusation against him and how the NFL will treat the unfolding case, Bradshaw also said he didn’t expect Brown to stick around too long in the Patriots organization, also saying that he was bothered by messages that Brown shared of his accuser, Britney Taylor, on social media.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Brown not only defended himself in the face of serious rape accusations, he also revealed that he would be launching a counter-lawsuit against Taylor, citing “civil extortion.”

Brown’s attorney, Darren Heitner, insists that the lawsuit against Brown originated from a failed business venture between Taylor and the decorated NFL wide receiver. Heitner explained that Taylor asked Brown for a $1.6 million investment in a “business project” without revealing that she had a $300,000 tax lien against her.

Antonio Brown warms up before the NFL preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals.
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Taylor claimed she’s lost 30 pounds in the past month along with experiencing daily panic attacks suicidal thoughts, according to her filing as reported by The Inquisitr. She also claimed that she tried to fight back against the alleged rape, even saying words like “no” and “stop.” Because of the humiliation, stress and emotional anxiety as a result of the alleged incident, Taylor requested an undisclosed sum in her lawsuit against Brown, also calling for compensation in the form of punitive damages.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Brown will make his debut with the Patriots on Sunday, as the NFL has not placed him on the commissioner’s exempt list at the current time.