Kelly Ripa Stuns At U.S.-Mexico Border In Photos Driving Instagram Into Meltdown

Kelly Ripa is driving Instagram into meltdown and some might argue that she did it in the most moving and beautiful way possible. The Live! with Kelly and Ryan host might have family throwbacks as her trademark on the platform, but not everything from Kelly lands as old snaps of herself with husband Mark Consuelos or the couple's three children. The 48-year-old took to Instagram earlier today with an incredibly moving and inspiring update. Of course, given that it featured Kelly herself, fans have been going absolutely nuts.

Kelly's update came as a series of photos. Fans were greeted by an opening group picture where Kelly was barely visible amid a large crowd. The group posed by the U.S-Mexico border, per Kelly's caption, with a noticeable and large heart in the background appearing to send a powerful message of peace and love. A quick swipe to the right offered more insight into Kelly's trip, with fans seeing the star crouching down with others near panels with street art. It may have taken fans a while to swipe for a full shot of Kelly, but one did appear. In the picture, the blonde was seen happily posing with Elsa Marie Collins.

Kelly was looking effortlessly beautiful. The star hadn't gone fancy with her wardrobe as the situation didn't exactly call for dressing up. The talk show host was wearing simple black leggings and a black-and-white t-shirt, with a baseball cap and shades completing the look. Kelly appeared makeup-free, with her beautiful smile likely melting hearts.

Instagram has been losing its mind. For the most part, fans have proven moved beyond belief at seeing Kelly take action in her caption-mentioned "community service."

"Amazing. I wish I came," a fan wrote with heart emoji.

"Incredible!" another wrote.

"Thanks Kelly for serving the community," a user told the star.

Replies seemed to come from users across the U.S. – one fan stated their location near the border in their comment.
"I live in New Mexico and OUR families matter!"
The comments section did raise a few political views, with some fans airing their views on tensions, but for the most part, it seemed that Kelly having taken the time to travel from her NYC base to the border was having a moving effect.

"Wonderful, service to others!" one fan wrote.

"Such a great cause. It's nice to see someone with such a high profile support and bring attention to an organization like this" was another reply.

"Kelly this is so wonderful!!!! You are amazing and we're sending you and your team so much love from Texas," another said.

Kelly seems to be able to rake in the engagement doing just about anything. The much-loved star recently had her fans in meltdown over a throwback photo from her days on Hope & Faith, per The Inquisitr. Today was more serious, but fans would likely argue that Kelly brightened their day.