September 14, 2019
Lindsey Pelas' Massive Cleavage Almost Spills Out Of White Sports Bra On Instagram

Lindsey Pelas' turned up the heat on her Instagram page this Saturday when she posted a video in which she's rocking some very flattering all-white exercise gear. The sports bra helps to accentuate the model's sizeable assets as she goes through a stretching routine on an exercise mat.

"I love starting the day with a simple mat workout!" she writes in the caption. "Pilates, yoga and classic stretch training are some of my favorite workouts! How do you like to start the day?

Some of Lindsey's 9.1 million-strong fanbase answered the question and wrote about their morning routines. Others used the post as an opportunity to rave about Lindsey's physical attractiveness.

"You are a breath of fresh air and sunshine," one fan gushed in the comments. The blonde bombshell actually noticed that one and thanked them for the compliment.

Another follower said that they could watch Lindsay do anything, even peel an onion.

"You would make peeling an onion just as interesting just by being who you are. Actually, that would be hilarious if you did that..."

Many of other comments were filled with the usual fire and heart emoji. But one fan placed a long series of diamond ring emojis in their comment. Perhaps Lindsey was supposed to see that as a marriage proposal.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lindsey has received this type of feedback on her posts before. Fans were also tripping over themselves to compliment her when she uploaded a photo in which she's wearing a grey thong swimsuit under a sheer bedazzled cover-up.But despite her very alluring photos on Instagram, there's a lot more to Lindsey than meets the eye. She launched her own podcast called Eyes Up Here, which is meant to dispel a misconception about her, mainly that she's vapid because she posts NSFW content on social media.

In a 2018 interview with Husskie, she described herself as the complete opposite of the assumptions people tend to have of her.

"A lot of people assume I'm mean, materialistic, and shallow – and I'm exactly the opposite. I'm really empathetic, down to earth (being a southern girl from Louisiana), and I'm quick-witted."
She also dispelled the notion that she lives an uber glamorous life just because she's a model and social media influencer. During the interview, she reveals that her days are pretty run-of-the-mill especially when she's not traveling and filled with banal activities like answering emails and doing yoga.

Basically, she maintains that her Instagram persona doesn't represent her entire life so don't underestimate her based on some pretty photos on Instagram.