September 14, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Obrecht Delights In Watching Valentin Squirm Talking About Deception

Deception is the name of the game that Valentin is playing on ABC's General Hospital. That's why having Lucy Coe approach Sasha Gilmore about being the face of her cosmetic company is such a "poetic choice," as Liesl Obrecht puts it. On Monday's episode, she will be having a blast taunting Valentin Cassadine every chance she can get.

Obrecht is amused by watching her niece's fiance squirm talking about Sasha's possible modeling career for Deception, as seen in the previews for Monday's show. ABC shared the clip of Nina, Valentin, and Obrecht talking about it. Nina is excited about her daughter's face possibly being on billboards and magazines, but not so much for Valentin. Nina hasn't seen through his lies just yet, but the big secret is seemingly about to explode soon. Sasha is about to tell Michael the truth about who she is, so the ball will be in his court on what he does with that.

In the meantime, Obrecht is having fun with Valentin's reaction to everything she says about Sasha. Clearly, Nina has no clue as to what has transpired between her aunt and the man she is about to marry.

While the three are chatting away about Sasha possibly being the new face of Deception, Julian is deciding on Obrecht's fate. Brad has begged his father-in-law to kill the woman who knows what he did and could blow his big secret. Now that Julian knows the full story of who Wiley really belongs to, he has one huge decision to make, as The Inquisitr had previously detailed.

Liesl Obecht's fate is in Julian's hands. General Hospital spoilers tease that he will make a bold decision. What does that mean? Will he go back to his old ways and kill Obrecht? Or will he deceive Brad somehow?

Meanwhile, Obrecht will once again be asking Brad for a favor. She is getting on his last nerve. If Julian won't do away with her, Brad may end up trying to kill her himself yet again. The first time was when he pushed Liesl off The Haunted Star. She was rescued from the water and now he is scrambling once again to silence her for good. Brad and Valentin are both trying to keep their huge secrets quiet. Things could get a little dicey for Obrecht soon if she keeps up her taunting.

Be sure to catch General Hospital next week to see how things turn out for Liesl Obrecht, as she continues her fun and games with the boys.