September 14, 2019
WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon And Eric Bischoff Are Huge Fans Of Certain 'SmackDown' Superstar

Paul Heyman is the new Executive Director of Monday Night Raw and Eric Bischoff has the same position on SmackDown Live. This is a new era of professional wrestling in which old enemies are coming together in WWE and ushering in different ways of doing things. On the blue brand, Bischoff is already making his opinions known and rumors state that he has a lot of faith in one particular superstar.

That is good news for that superstar and it's even better that Vince McMahon also has a lot of confidence in him.

With those two wrestling minds in charge of WWE's top shows, the main event scene may end up looking very different in the near future. As reported by The Inquisitr, Heyman has a lot of faith in Cedric Alexander and is looking to push him to the top of WWE's main roster.

On SmackDown, there are a lot of changes coming soon with the move to Friday nights, as well as jumping networks to Fox. Fans won't only see a lot of differences in how the show is run, but they will also likely see different superstars getting pushed into the spotlight.

According to Fightful Select, by way of Ringside News, both Bischoff and McMahon have a lot of faith in (Mustafa) Ali and are big fans of his.

Mustafa Ali plays to the crowd on

Fans will remember earlier this year that Ali was getting a huge push, and he was set to have a slot in the Elimination Chamber. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury that took him out of action for a while and brought a screeching halt to his push.

Kofi Kingston ended up replacing Ali in that match, going on to challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, and winning it at WrestleMania 35. Some believe that Ali may have been the one planned to end up in that spot, but it simply wasn't meant to be at that time.

As of now, Ali is once again in the focus of the higher-ups in WWE, and that's a good thing for him. After his King of the Ring match against Elias, both Bischoff and Vince McMahon walked up to him and congratulated him backstage. Some have even stated that particular match may have been Ali's best yet in WWE.

If he continues to push himself and show what he can do in the ring, there could be big things in store for Ali. SmackDown Live is going to be a new focal point for WWE with all of the big moves happening, and he could jump into the spotlight if he keeps working hard. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have both Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon on your side either.