Julianne Hough Talks 'AGT' Finals, Getting Sexy With The Messoudi Brothers

Julianne Hough has captivated the entertainment world with her first turn as a judge on America's Got Talent for Season 14. Ahead of the two-part AGT season finale, the seasoned performer made her pick from the top contenders regarding who the 31-year-old arbiter thinks will win it all from among the semi-finalists.

Before admitting who she thought should be victorious, Julianne revealed to People earlier this week that the talent "has been giving us a full catalog of their goodness and what they have to offer for their Vegas show or whatever they do in the future."

After telling the source that she believes the stakes are "higher... than ever," she admitted that the judging is going to be "really difficult." Then the professional dancer called out America for being another judge in the AGT competition, saying she is thankful she has their help.

As for picking the one act that will prevail, Julianne was at a loss. She couldn't pick just one performer, so she talked about her favorites.

First on her standout list was the Ndlovu Choir from South Africa. Their audition, covering the 2010 World Cup anthem, "Waka Waka," showed that this choral group not only sings but dances too. Julianne said that the group "rocked it...right out of the gate."

Kodi Lee was her second choice. Julianne couldn't say enough about the young singer, commenting that he is "just outstanding from another planet."

Benicio Bryant, who Julianne called "a special talent," was her third choice.

While that seemed to be enough, the AGT judge added one more contender to the list. She stated that her picks wouldn't be complete without the Messoudi Brothers. After all, the sexy, shirtless acrobatic siblings did ask Julianne to join them on stage to dance.

"I didn't dance really. I just laid on them."
The insane situation was covered by The Inquisitr on September 4, with the former Dancing with the Stars pro being taken from her AGT judges seat and escorted on stage for what was an extremely provocative and nearly X-rated interaction with the three brothers.
"...Julianne was... to sit atop one of the hunks who was down on all fours. Then, she was flipped around on her back as her head was lowered into a lying position that nearly simulated a sex act. After that, she was helped off the human table by a helpful member of the troupe who then held her hand as all four of the performers took deep bows."
Although the Messoudi Brothers were certainly entertaining, their act did not make it to the finals.

As for the winners? Julianne suggested they be "authentic" going into this final phase of the competition. Via People, she insisted that trying to be who they aren't will become transparent, and thus, a major downfall.

"... you're never going to please everybody, so just be yourself," advised Julianne Hough, while she joined all the fans of America's Got Talent getting set to watch and applaud the last AGT performances courtesy of a group of super-talented people.