Tracee Ellis Ross Flaunts Insane Body In Workout Video At Gym

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross has an incredible physique and looks far younger than her 46 years. The babe is also honest about the fact that her body doesn't just come naturally — she has to put in plenty of hours of hard work sweating at the gym.

Tracee has taken to sharing snippets of her workouts with her 6.9 million Instagram followers, to add a bit of variety to her fashion-filled feed. Tracee's personality shines through in any type of video she posts, and while she normally cracks jokes, in her workout videos she's typically quite serious.

Today, the babe shared a video of herself squeezing in a workout session at the gym. She explained in the caption that she was doing a Tracy Anderson Method workout. Though the famous celebrity trainer has classes, Tracee was just doing the workout solo in a corner of a studio at the gym. The babe was actually working out while there was an aerobics class being held in the very same studio. While class attendees hopped around to the music, Tracee did her moves using a simple black chair draped with a white towel.

The bombshell rocked a simple pair of black yoga pants, ankle weights, black running shoes, and a red sports bra that revealed just a hint of cleavage. The rare moment of personality in the video came through when Tracee mouthed the words to Jay Z and Justin Timberlake's hit song "Holy Grail," which was playing for the workout class in the background.

At one point in the video, Tracee took a moment to wipe the sweat off her face with the white towel on the chair, proving that she truly does work hard to get that body.

Her followers loved the video, which received more than 81,000 views in just an hour. Many of her followers chimed in the comments section about just how difficult the Tracy Anderson Method workouts are.

"People don't understand how hardddddd TAM is... Bruh... had me laidddddd out for 2 days after that bands class," one fan said.

Another follower commented, "I honestly don't think I could do more than 2 reps of any of this."

Yet another follower said, "that's how a 10 stays a 10."

One follower simply couldn't believe that the women in the fitness class could miss the fact that Tracee was getting her sweat on in the corner.

"How are those ladies doing step aerobics and you're in there? I would flip out if I were there."
Another fan confirmed that the moves were insanely difficult, even though they look deceptively simple.

"And after trying it that move is way harder than it looks and I know why Tracee has that amazing body," the follower commented.

The beauty will be on the cover of the October issue of Essence, as The Inquisitr reported. She kept her followers in the loop by not only sharing the news but also sharing several shots of the incredible looks she rocked in the photoshoot.