September 14, 2019
Brooke Burke, 47, Drops Jaws After Going Totally Topless At The Beach

Brooke Burke certainly knows how to celebrate feeling the "weekend vibes." The 47-year-old posted a racy picture of herself at the beach, dropping jaws by going completely topless in a new clip posted to Instagram. Only her forearm and a star animation preserved her modesty, and her fans understandably went wild.

As a working mom-of-four, it's no surprise that Brooke decided to spend the weekend at the beach to get some well-earned rest and relaxation. After all, the Dancing With The Stars alumna is not only a television host and author, but also the creator of a podcast, fitness app, and website for modern mothers. In addition, she also regularly updates her social media account for her 395,000 followers.

Despite all this, she still manages to find time to go the gym, as clearly evidenced by her latest post. In the short, black-and-white clip, Brooke lies down on the sand at a beach, with the ocean in the background and a surfboard by her side. She has a large straw hat that she has pulled down to cover her face, and a pair of sweet polka-dotted, ruched bikini bottoms.

She is posed laying out so that all of her fantastic hourglass figure is on display. However, the most eye-grabbing element is that she is totally topless. To preserve her modesty, Brooke covers her assets with her forearm and a star animation.

The upload immediately earned high praise from her fans, and earned over 4,000 likes and 170 comments.

"As close to perfection as there is, gorgeous," gushed a fan.

"Best bod in Malibu," seconded another, adding a pink bikini emoji.

"Absolutely beautiful, Brooke. You are amazing," echoed a third, with several fire emoji.

The shot looks like a possible outtake from a project that she did with artist Brian Bowen Smith. Called Love and Art, the exhibition featured a picture of Brooke topless again and with a similar hat, as previously covered by The Inquisitr.

It's little surprise that Brooke was chosen as a muse for the artist, as she remains an inspiration for many as an icon of timeless beauty. In fact, many of the commenters were begging Brooke to pose for Playboy once more.

The stunning brunette has said that her secret to looking so great is regular exercise and a Mediterranean-based diet. She also strongly believes in staying mentally fit, which means a careful balance of work and personal life.