September 14, 2019
Kate Beckinsale Reveals Vagina Name On Instagram & Fans Go Wild

Kate Beckinsale is driving her fans nuts. The Pearl Harbor actress tends to have that effect every time she delivers a social media update, although this particular one appears to have seen Kate outdo herself. The 45-year-old took to Instagram two days ago with a bizarre and humorous update – the post also seemed to do well on account of Kate wading into the comments section for a little fan interaction.

Kate's post came as a straight-forward selfie with another woman. The actress was seen looking beautiful in a simple white t-shirt bearing the Givenchy logo – she might work out in leggings, but Kate knows her brands. The post very much seemed geared towards getting fans to read the caption, though. Here, Kate had revealed that she'd undergone a vagina-centric "quiz," with an admission that playing the game hadn't left her too pleased. Kate straight-up stated that she wasn't impressed with the results, although she did humorously refer to a family member's name – apparently, that seemed to balance things out.

Of course, fan comments poured in.

One of the most upvoted comments saw a fan directly ask the actress what name she might have for her nether regions.

"What's your Va.J.J's name?"
Kate replied with a response that racked up over 770 likes.
"Harold Wilson."
Of course, Kate's response then launched a wave of comments.

"Ah ah Mr Wilson! Ah ah Mr Heath!" one fan wrote.

"And this is why I am in love," another said.

"Is that the actual quiz name you got Harold Wilson? So how does this quiz work then?" a fan asked just how Kate had landed herself the name.

"Lmao that's my best friend's dad's name," said one particularly amused fan.

Elsewhere, the comments section was filled by fans who were revealing their own vagina names – many amusing responses were left. The update itself also proved immensely popular overall, racking up over 87,000 likes. Over 1,400 fan comments were left.

Kate has made headlines this year. The star somewhat shocked fans when she started dating Ariana Grande's ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson – the SNL star is in his mid-20s. The relationship appeared to be short-lived, though, with the couple quickly calling it quits. Davidson appears to have moved on with a new lady. Kate does have a reputation for dating younger men. More recently, though, headlines have centered around Kate's flexibility, with a photo of the star doing splits delighting fans, per The Inquisitr.

Kate has 3.3 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Kate should follow her Instagram.