Jill Duggar's Husband Derick Dillard Has A Surprising New Job

Jill Duggar's husband has a new gig, and it has nothing to do with religion. Derick Dillard revealed what he's doing to make some extra cash, and it's something a lot of young people do to pay the bills.

On Friday, Derick took to Instagram to let fans know about his new job delivering food for Grubhub. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Derick finished his first year of law school back in May, so it's fitting that the 30-year-old former Counting On star is paying his tuition with work that's popular with college kids and other millennials like himself.

Derick is showing off his Grubhub gear in the photo accompanying his post, and he's giving the camera a thumbs up. In the post's caption, the Duggar husband writes that working for Grubhub helps him come up with date night ideas, likely because it requires him to visit many different restaurants. The Duggar husband also hash-tagged Dave Ramsey in his post. Ramsey is a radio show host who shares financial advice with his listeners. On his website, DaveRamsey.com, he lists getting a part-time job with a meal delivery service like Grubhub or uberEATS as one way for young people to work towards getting out of debt.

In the post's caption, Dillard asked viewers to chime in with their ideas for making extra money.

Jill Duggar responded to her husband's post not by praising him for his work ethic, but by letting him know that she likes the way that he looks in his photo.

"Haha Nice pic babe," she wrote.

Derick didn't reveal whether he has any other sources of income at the moment, but he's had a variety of jobs since marrying Jill Duggar in 2014. As reported by In Touch Weekly, he was working as an accountant at Walmart when the two tied the knot. He and Jill later lived as missionaries for a short time before deciding to move back to Arkansas, where Derick got a job working for their church's college outreach ministry. The couple likely made some money appearing on the Duggar family's TLC reality series, Counting On, but they parted ways with TLC two years ago.

Clearly, whatever Derick and Jill made on Counting On wasn't enough to cover the cost of law school, and many fans wondered how Derick would come up with the $16,000 that he reportedly needed to pay his tuition. It looks like they now have their answer.