September 14, 2019
WWE News: Champion Gets Into Unexpected Exchange With Police Officers

The life of a WWE champion is never easy. When a wrestler holds a title, every eligible challenger on the roster is out to get them in order to claim their prize. This is the case for every champion, but in the case of the 24/7 Champion, they don't have the luxury of resting between defenses, as they can lose the title anywhere at any time.

Since the championship was introduced earlier this year, R-Truth has been its foremost representative. While he's lost the title numerous times, he always finds a way to reclaim it. One of the most entertaining aspects of his various reigns, however, is seeing the random situations that arise as keen challengers attempt to win the belt from him.

In his latest title defense, R-Truth had to take on the police department. As documented by Wrestling Inc., the current champ took to Facebook to share a skit featuring local police officers pulling him over and trying to win the title.

In the video, the officers pulled R-Truth over and agreed to let him off if he took a picture with him. After grabbing his title and posing for the photo, however, a referee emerged from the squad car and one of the officers rolled him up in a pinning position. Fortunately for the champ, though, he managed to kick out at the two and drive away to safety.

This incident is one of several where the 24/7 Championship has been contested outside of a WWE arena. As The Inquisitr recently reported last month, R-Truth won the title from Elias at a Fox Founders' Day event, which was being held in preparation for SmackDown Live's move to the network next month.

Fox host Rob Stone also briefly held the championship at the event, which just goes to show that anyone can win this title should they come into contact with the champ and there's a referee nearby.

Now that R-Truth has managed to hold onto his beloved championship, he'll have to do it all over again at this weekend's Clash of Champions event. At the time of this writing, he isn't scheduled to face anyone in a match. However, if recent history has proved anything, it's that there's no such thing as a night off when it comes to this particular championship.

Drake Maverick is always on the hunt for the title as well, as he believes it's the key to consummating his marriage. Will he win it again at this Sunday's show? That remains to be seen.